Its almost time for the 2015 Bold Anniversary Games. Hope you guys are as excited as we are.

Below is everything you need to know about this Saturdays Shenanigans. 


10.30: Athletes Briefing
11.00-14.00: WODS 1-3 for Everyone
14.00: Final WOD
14.00 onwards: BBQ and Beers
19.00: Head to a local pub


This year all WODs will be individual WODs and we will split these in to 3 categories; Upscaled / RX / Scaled. With a first place prize pack available for all 3 categories.

You will need to select the category you wish to compete in. We expect you to, honestly, select the category based on your abilities. We will review your selection and amend if needed :)

Please review the WODs below, and using this Google Spreadsheet, record which category you will be competing in (all Level 2 athletes and Coaches will be in the Upscaled category - dare to take them on??) - If your name is not on the list, please add it!

If your name is on the list and you aren't here to compete, please note that on the spreadsheet.


All athletes will complete in 3 WODs, with a final for the top athletes in each category - final to be announced on the day.

WOD 1 - Crossfit Gymnastics Total

In 4 minutes, record your max effort attempt for each of the following 3 movements. Efforts must be unbroken. You can have as many attempts in those 4 minutes as you wish, but only one effort can be submitted per movement:

Pull Ups
Chest to Bar / Pull Ups / Ring Rows

Toes To Bar
Toes to Bar / Toes to Rings / Sit Ups

Push ups
Deficit Push Ups / Push Ups / Push Ups from 20' Box

WOD 2 - Get To The Ball!

In 10 minutes, complete the following movements. Your score is the total number of Wall Balls completed:

Run 200m
10 Power Cleans (70/50kg / 55/40kg / 40/30kg)
20 Box Jump Overs (30/24' / 24/20' for RX and Scaled)
30 Burpees
AMREP Wall Balls

WOD 3 - The Complex

In 90 Seconds, complete the below complex, rest 90 seconds. Repeat for 3 rounds. Weight can be increased each round, but can not be reduced. Score is total weight lifted across 3 rounds (girls scores will be multiplied by 1.4x).

3 Deadlifts
3 Hang Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Shoulder To Overhead


Food will be on the BBQ from around 2pm and beer lids will be popping. 

The main emphasis of the day isn't the competition. Its hanging out with your fellow CrossFitters, kicking back and having fun. Meeting new faces that you may not see in your usual class and soaking up the great atmosphere that Bold is so good at creating. 

See you all Saturday from 10am.