There is no trying to hide it, CrossFit Bold is a great place to be at the moment. Everyone is killin their gainz, PB bells are ringing, classes are packed and the atmosphere is brilliant. Well done everyone on being so awesome.

Although, I think its time we took it to the next level and continued in our quest to make this box even better. 

Heres a couple of things we need you guys to help us with:

Cheer your fellow athletes on till the end

If you've finished the WOD in a rapid time, excellent, the gainz are strong in you. But that doesn't mean the WOD or the class is over. 

Once you've caught your breathe back, wiped off the sweat, its time for you to go support and encourage those around you and help them through the WOD. Whilst the workout may have been your cup of tea, for some, they need a little motivation to finish it and thats what you're there for. Who knows, next week it may be you that needs the extra push.

As part of this, we would like to encourage all members to NOT PUT YOUR EQUIPMENT AWAY until everyone has finished the workout. Not only is it un-motivating for those still working to see others pack away, its also dangerous to be walking around with your weights whilst other people are still doing the workout. 

Coaches will time classes so that they end with 5 minutes to go to allow for equipment to be put back and scores to be added to the whiteboard. 

Also, once you've put your stuff away, help others with theres. We WOD together, we clean up together.

Be on time

Please, please, please, make it to class on time. And by on time, this means being ready, at the white board and raring to go. Not walking in the door as the class starts.

Caption contest... ;)

Caption contest... ;)

The MOST vital part of the class is the first 10 minutes. The coaches talk through the WOD and the warm up are key to the whole hour. 

If you miss the warm up, you risk injury to yourself. Our warm ups are planned specifically to the workout of the day and to get your body prepped accordingly. 

If you don't understand the workout, you risk missing the purpose of the workout, thus missed gainz or you end up taking time away from the coach as they have to repeat everything to you again. And whilst they are repeating stuff, they are unable to attend to the rest of the class.

This is unfair to those that are on time and looking for the most out of their coached hours in the gym.

Keeping it clean

One of the best things about a CrossFit box (vs a globo gym) is we get to cake ourselves in chalk and throw weight around. 

Whilst the kit is regularly cleaned, if you are one of those that likes the "more is more" approach to chalk, please can you wipe down your equipment when finished. As someone in the next class may need to use it and picking up a bar or kettlebell smothered in cement (chalk plus sweat doesn't mix well) is a bit minging.

This also applies to sweat, blood, tears and anything else that may leak on to the bar mid wod. There are always some anti-bacterial wipes around. If not, just holla and we'll get you some.

Know your fellow members

One of the best things about CrossFit and what separates it from other fitness classes/lifestyles is that you get the opportunity to build such fantastic relationships with so many people. 

If you're coming to class and you don't know the guy next to you, your missing out on what CrossFit has to offer and miss out on becoming more involved in the CrossFit Bold Community.

So next time you're in class and you see someone you don't know, say hi to them. Its highly likely they wont bite and it will help you get more out of what CrossFit is about.


Thats about it, thanks again to everyone in making the Bold community such an epic thing to be apart of.

Don't forget to grab your Christmas party tickets on Team Up for Saturday. Sh*t will be going down!!