I thought i would do a another blog recap, so if you've missed anything i've previously posted, you can catch up, or if you are new to Bold this year, some of these articles may answer some of your questions...

2016 Blogs:

Rope Climb Progressions - How to climb a rope...

Training vs Practise - To get good at CrossFit, you have to practise, you cant just hit WODs up and expect movements to come. Read here for more info...

Intensity, not Volume - Perhaps going harder in a workout is more beneficial that doing more workouts...

Set your position, protect your spine - get tight! How you should approach your squat set up and avoid injury. VERY IMPORTANT

The Way you do anything, is the way you do everything - Lift with great form... ALWAYS. 

Navigating the Tunnel -  If you start a movement bad, its unlikely it will end any better. Get to know the tunnel concept, and apply it.


Last years Blogs...

Scaling - When to scale, why you SHOULD scale, how to scale, what to scale... everything you need to know about scaling and why everyone should be doing it.

Pre Class Gainz - What you should be doing before a class. Get off your arse and do something, anything! Make some friends, practise a skill or mobilise (article includes links to mobilising videos)

Train Smart, Recover Smarter - Being injured is no fun. So being able to recover better is key to staying healthy. Read on for tips on how to do this.

The Whiteboard - Why am I such whiteboard hore? Here are my reasons. Also my fav part from this blog post is "dont be a dick about it". The whiteboard has its disadvantages, but the advantages can be very beneficial to you and your training. 

The Lacrosse Ball - "Use a lacrosse ball" is another common answer I give to any mobility question. The ball is great, cheap and easy to use. Great for soft tissue work to get you more supple and moving better in workouts. Blog includes videos on what you should be doing with one.

Look Better Naked - Don't forget why you started CrossFit, its easy to lose site, but by cheating reps and sacrificing form over speed means that you're body is just going to miss out on the gainz and the better looking naked body. Ultimately getting a fast time or the most reps means jack sh*t if you aren't doing things properly. 

Athlete Levels 1,2 and 3 - As we move in to the new year, the programming will be more focused on your ability based on your current athlete level. Ensure you are at the right level so you are following the programming best suited to you. Print off the sheet and start working your way through the standards. Its also a great way to create goals and spot weaknesses in your training.

Getting Stronger With Volume - Wanna get stronger, then increase your volume. 

Oly Lift Terminology - "Right guys today we are looking at the Power Clean"... "Coach, do we have to squat all the way down?" **face palm**. Know your power, hang and squat variations. 

Progressions - The best way to master a movement is by breaking it down and looking at each part individually. Master the progressions, master the movement.

Being More Awesome - Recap on what you can do to make training at Bold even better.

If theres any topic you want me to write about in the this year, to provide clarification on something or more depth, then give me a shout with some ideas.