One pet peeve for coaches is receiving excuses from athletes when we approach them and talk them through a movement or provide a cue to help them in some way. 

Rather than listening, taking it on board and applying, some people tend to have an instant reflex to throw out an excuse for crappy positioning or for doing something wrong. 

The thing is, us as coaches will often know whats wrong with you, maybe even before you do. 

We can see that in a front rack set up you have tight shoulders, so if the coach says to you "try moving your hands a little wider on the bar", don't shoot back with "oh but i have tight shoulders", instead, try moving your hards wider on the bar and see if that gets you in to a better position. If i doesn't, the coach will then likely offer something else to help you. 

Or if you're half way through a set of deadlifts and you're told to keep your chest up, firing back with "but i'm really tired" isn't going to get your anywhere. The coach knows your tired, hence the reminder.

The benefit of CrossFit is that you are constantly coached in classes, its what you pay for, and we are here to get the best out of you and to ensure you are in a safe environment. 

Between all the coaches at Bold, there is a wealth of experience. We have Level 2 CrossFit Coaches, specialists in weightlifting, gymnastics, sport, movement, mobility etc etc. So when a coach offers you a bit of advice, listen up and apply it. 

Those that do, are those that are constantly bettering themselves when they walk through the door.