Mobility, the unsexy side of CrossFit, or fitness in general. But yet its such a vital component in your overall health and wellbeing. 

Mobilization... is a movement-based integrated full-body approach that addresses all the elements that limit movement and performance including short and tight muscles, soft tissue restriction, joint capsule restriction, motor control problems, joint range of motion dysfunction, and neural dynamic issues. In short, mobilization is a tool to globally address movement and performance problems.

Its great being strong and all, but as we get older, the importance of being able to move properly should be prioritised over putting on an extra 5kg on your squat, especially if you show clear signs in poor mechanics of your body (knees caving in, ankles collapsing, lack of depth etc).

In my opinion our new Wednesday night mobility class should be one of the most popular classes on the schedule, as its the one thats going to offer you more long term.

CrossFit Mobility king, Kelly Starrett  (I may have referenced him once or twice before) found that after treating thousands of athletes in his clinic that; "that 98% of orthopedic injuries are preventable and that athletes simply lacked an understanding of simple mechanics and the tools to improve those mechanics."

Its in our new Mobility class that we will spend time utilising the methods Kelly has used to help aid better movement mechanics to keep you injury free and aid in your recovery. 

During these sessions we will look at the various different ways of getting after the muscles and joints and clear up any problems that may be restricting your movement. 

Active Recovery

During our Wednesday class we will also be spending a portion of the hour doing a "Active Recovery" Workout, to get the blood flowing to the muscles and letting all the good stuff happen to aid recovery..

More on this can be read here: What does Active Recovery Mean...

Complementing the Squat Cycle

As we approach the half way point of the squat cycle, shit is getting real. You have no doubt noticed that those percentages keep going up and that is taking a toll on your body. 

Therefore its vital to ensure you are complementing your strength training (or general CrossFit Training) with regular mobility work. 

If you're squatting heavy on the Monday and Thursday, and if you are doing a class on a Tuesday, Wednesday is the perfect time to take an hour away from lifting more weights and focus more on movement and recovering, to get you ready for the heavy front squats that Thursdays offer up.