Regularly learn and play new sports.
— Greg Glassman

Whilst its great to have the box so amazingly busy - we even had a 12 person 10am sesh the other week - and of course, I don't want anyone not coming and kicking ass at Bold, its important to take time off from training and spread your wings.

The last 6 words of Gregg Glassmans (Founder of CrossFit) 100 word CrossFit description has this in mind. 

Having not only a physical rest from training is important to allow your body to recover, grow and stay injury free, but the mental benefits of taking time out is also very important. 

Due to the 10 components of fitness that doing CrossFit has us improving, our abilities to do more as humans increase. We now have the strength to try activities that we may not have thought we could previously do (like rock climbing - that will be easier now you're smashing out body weight exercises week in - week out). 

Part of the lifestyle challenge, which I thought was one of the best parts, was that it rewarded people higher points for going and trying new things and doing something for you, outside of CrossFit. 

And its something that I think everyone should be doing. Wether its taking a walk along the Thames, going on a hike (which are awesome), or shooting some clay pigeons (a Spring Fam fav), there are plenty of activities out there that will get you outside and help you recover physically and mentally from the stress of training. 

Or if you want to put your new found fitness to the test, playing a new sport is a great way to stay active but still get in a bit of down time from CrossFit.

The coming holiday period provides us all with a great opportunity to do something new, take it.