When it comes to CrossFit the sport, Men and Women compete evenly. Its possibly one of the only sports when this happens.

When it comes to Football, Rugby, Baseball, Basketball, whatever whatever, we are all familiar with the mens teams and leagues. They are on TV all the time, in the papers and get paid a lot of money. 

With CrossFit, if you watch the regionals or go to the Games, its usually the women that get more coverage or the biggest cheers from the crowds. The women in CrossFit are truly inspiring. They show that gender is no excuse and no limiting factor in a beings ability. Anything is possible to those that work hard.

Sam Briggs Murph time at the games last year would have placed her 2nd in the mens standings. The same distance was run, the same reps of the same movements were completed. 

CrossFit as a whole does a great job in allowing females to unleash their potential and do things that perhaps society has always told them they shouldn't or couldn't.

Toughness knows no gender

In “Potential,” Patrick Cummings presents his poetic meditations on how women in CrossFit are transforming the definitions of strength and femininity, opening up new possibilities for women in general.

As women push their limits during workouts, he suggests, they become role models for other women seeking to discover what they can do.

“We can discover evidence of our own potential inside the actions of another,” he says.

He further underscores the intertwining of femininity and strength as he explains that the barbell “stands for everything a boy is taught to chase—power and bravery—but … in thousands of chalk-filled gyms, women are killing the preconceived conception of their own frailty.”

In the poem’s refrain, Cummings makes an assertion proven daily in CrossFit gyms around the world: “Toughness knows not gender.”

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