You may have noticed recently that our current supply of jump ropes in the gym seem to have dwindled down to just 3 ropes.

The collection was restocked earlier this year, but unfortunately, due to the way these have been treated (knots tied in them to shorten the ropes etc), these have broke and now the once fresh looking stock of ropes are down to 3 lonely ropes.

To me, a skipping rope is like a pair of socks. It should be personal and not something id want to share with someone else.

A skipping rope needs to be customised to you, especially if you want to make some serious gainz with a rope and nail the double and triple unders. The length of a rope is important and just using any old rope is going to make learning these skillz pretty hard.

So my advice for anyone and everyone, is simple, GET YOUR OWN ROPE.

Which skipping rope is right for you? 

This is a good question. I currently own 4 jump ropes (so I have a rope to match my outfits (joke)). Its taken me some time to find my perfect rope, but now i've found it and have it set to how I want it, my double unders are now boss! ;)

A popular rope in the CrossFit community is the RX Jump Rope. These aren't cheap, but they are well built and have a solid design.

Our friends over at Whatever It Takes sell them in their shop or online.

They come in a variety of thicknesses, 4 on the RX website, for what they say are for different abilities, but in my opinion id recommend you start with either of the 2 thinnest ropes from the get go. The thicker ones are too slow and will have you throwing them away within a week or 2. So choose either the Hyper or the Ultra rope. 

They have a ton of colours to choose from and lengths. Check out the video on what length you may need. Or if you can, pop in to the shop so you can try it out.  

Another very good option is an SGF speed rope. We sell these at Bold, just bring me £20 and i'll pass you your own shinny new SGF rope. These come in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large. These are very well designed. They are light, so can be difficult to learn Double Unders with, but once you have the skill nailed, this rope will be a dream in a WOD to stop your shoulders from burning out. 

My Rope of choice is the Momentum Elite Speed RopeUnfortunately the UK dealer has stopped selling these, so are only available from the US or NZ. Im dreading the day mine breaks on me! 

Ballistic do a nice rope with an easily adjustable cord. So you can play around with the length pretty easily. Something you cant do with the RX or SGF. 

And lastly, if you just want something cheap and simple, then this could work pretty well - Gallant Adjustable speed rope