As you may be aware, we have a Levels system in the gym, with 3 levels in place. These levels are intended as a guide for evaluating your fitness and setting intelligent goals. This is not intended as the end-all of fitness, but a measuring stick to determine your strengths and weaknesses. 

Level 1: This is the entry level standard for fitness, all members upon completing their elements/fundamentals courses will become a Level 1 Athlete. 

Level 2: This represents a healthy level of flexibility, stamina, work capacity, speed and strength/bodyweight ratio, as well as a good understanding of the basic movements used in a CrossFit program. Upon completing 21 of the 23 level 1 movements and 1 of the MetCons you will now be a Level 2 Athlete. 

Level 3: This represents a significant level of fitness that few people possess (though any healthy person can achieve it).

Don’t beat yourself up if you are not at the level you desire. A strong commitment, healthy diet, and consistent focused training will get you there soon enough.

All members begin at a Level 1, and will level up once they have demonstrated the ability to completed the movement standards associated with each level. 

To allow you to easily track and progress through the Levels we have created a Level Tick sheet for you to use.

Intentions of the Levels sheet

The intention of the sheet is to provide you with goals to meet and progress towards, giving you guided focus in your training and allowing you to set measurable and achievable goals.

It will also provide you with a basis of your current level of “fitness” and your abilities.

This is important as it allows you to appropriately scale the workouts based on your abilities and not opening yourself to possible injury. This is why there are usually 3 standards of weights for the MetCons on the white board. The options given are their to provide you with the best weight for you to use in a workout to gain the most benefit from the session, based on your Level.

Whilst going RX may sound cool, attempting RX weights when you don’t have the abilities is dangerous and will also impinge your ability to improve your fitness.

By having members who haven't displayed the ability to "level up" take on the RX MetCons (designed for level 3 athletes) means that they aren't getting the best out of the workout for them as an individual. I.e someone might attempt RX Grace at 60kg and do it in 10 minutes. However a workout like Grace should take 3-5 mins to get the proper effect of the workout. So whilst the athlete completed at RX, they didn't truly achieve the intended stimulus of the workout.

Therefore, selecting weights designed for your current Level will provide you with better results in your training.

Coaches Guidance

Going forward, coaches will ensure that each athlete in class is attempting the weights that their level dictates. As mentioned above this will give you more out of your training and provide a safer environment for you to train in. 

To “RX” the level 3 weights, you must become level 3 by ticking off the level 2 standard, thus proving you have the abilities to safely perform the workouts that are designed for level 3 athletes. 

Please remember that the purpose of the MetCons is to work your metabolic conditioning, you don’t NEED to go heavy for these. We deal with your strength by focused strength sessions, the MetCon isn’t the place to attempt heavier weights to increase strength. 

Hitting Standards

Going forward we now have 3 tick sheets, one for each level. These will be kept downstair in the gym in a neat filing system and will be on hand for you to have the sheets ticked by a coach once you have completed a standard in class. i.e. its back squat day and you hit the desired weight, reps and FORM on the sheet, let the coach see and they will tick off your sheet. 

Once you have completed 21 of the 23 movements and completed one of the MetCons in the desired time, you will achieve the next level and have a new sheet to work on. 

Advanced Class

Going forward, our Saturday competitors class will now be an “Advanced Class” open to our Level 3 athletes (those that have ticked off 21 of the 23 level 2 movements). This coached class will be focused on the more advanced movements we see in CrossFit, along with team WODs and higher skilled MetCons.

If you are interested in attending these sessions, please contact Chris or Marlo.