Congratulations to those that have worked so hard recently on reaching their Level 2 status at CrossFit Bold. Have seen some amazing times on the conditioning WOD and people smashing out Muscle Ups left, right and centre!

Having different Levels within the Box allows us to identify individuals that have increased their work capacity across broad domains (CrossFit Lingo for “getting awesome at everything”). And it allows the individual to see where they are at with their own personal development and focus on particular areas that need improving.

The effectiveness of any fitness program is only as good as it’s measurable results. We look for results in all of the ten components of fitness (cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy, power and speed). Having these tests in place allow you to measure your results and see the improvements you are making. It also allows me to assess the effectiveness of the programming.

As you can see from the scaling options I provide in the programming and the different levels that was available at the Anniversary Games, I believe that we currently have 3 levels of abilities at CrossFit Bold and as such, will be introducing a third level… Level 3!


The below levels are intended as a guide for evaluating your fitness and setting intelligent goals. This is not intended as the end-all of fitness, but a measuring stick to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t beat yourself up if you are not at the level you desire. A strong commitment, healthy diet, and consistent focused training will get you there soon enough.

Level 1: This is the minimum standard for fitness. An injury-free athlete starting CrossFit can expect to reach this level of fitness with 3-12 months of consistent effort. Achieving this level will ensure you have the minimum flexibility, stamina, and strength of a well-rounded beginner, as well as having the basic concepts of proper movement.

Once a member has successful passed our Elements course, they move in to our main group as a Level 1 athlete.

Level 2: As an adult, this is considered healthy and fit. You can expect somewhere between 6-24 months to achieve this. This represents a healthy level of flexibility, stamina, work capacity, speed and strength/bodyweight ratio, as well as a good understanding of the basic movements used in a CrossFit program.

To achieve Level 2 status, you must complete 90% of Level 1 movements on the Level skills test and pass one of the MetCons.

Level 3: This represents a significant level of fitness that few people possess (though any healthy person can achieve it). You will have the capability to take on any and all physical challenges with confidence. You can demonstrate significant capacity in all 10 domains of physical fitness.

To achieve Level 3 status, you must complete 90% of Level 2 movements on the Level skills test and one of the MetCons.

Once you have achieved level 3, there is still a list of movements that you can aim to complete. Completing these will mean that you win! Game Over! :)


What does this mean in terms of programming? Well, not too much of a change from what I’ve been doing recently anyway.

It’s important that as an athlete, to allow you to improve and progress, you are given an effective program to ensure you achieve results in the 10 components. Furthermore, it’s important that you are given (and you follow) guidance to what is expected of you at your current ability and you are guided towards movements and loads that will help you improve as an individual and allow you to reach the next Level.

Going forward there will now be up to 3 workouts (Metcons) written on the white board each day. The workouts will be similar, but differ in load and/or movement. For example:


Cleans and Pull ups

Level 3: Cleans (65/45kg) / Chest to Bar Pull ups

Level 2: Power Cleans (55/35kg) / Pull ups

Level 1: Hang Power Cleans (40/25kg) / Jumping Pull ups

As you can see from the above example, the workout is very similar for all levels, but introduces different scaling (weight and movement) depending on your Level, providing a challenging workout for all and ensures you are being tested according to your abilities. 

The workouts written on the board are target RX workouts geared towards each level, but, of course, the workouts can still further be scaled to further suit an individual’s abilities. A Level 2 athlete, for example, may still struggle with multiple reps at 55kg and a lighter load may be more suitable to achieve the effectiveness of the workout.

Whilst scaling is provided for you as a guideline as to what is expected of your abilities based on your level, you shouldn't restrict yourself if your abilities sometimes favour the harder scaled movements. i.e. if you are a level 2 athlete and the RX workout includes Muscle Ups but the scaled level 2 movement is bupree pull ups, but you are able to complete the RX movement of Muscle Ups, then of course you should challenge yourself with the harder workout. The scaled workouts are a guidance, not a limitation on your ability. 


Attached is the new testing requirements for each level. As mentioned, you need to pass 90% of the movements on the list and one of the MetCon times. These need to be ticked off and signed by a coach.

Click here to view Athlete Levels

The movements should be completed in Open Gym or when a movement appears in the program. i.e. if the strength of the day is 3 rep back squat and you achieve the weight required for your level, ask the coach to watch you in class so they can sign it off for you. 

You should not be completing movements in a class if they are not programmed. i.e. asking the coach to watch you push jerk when its a squat day. Thats not cool. 


The idea of these levels is to give you goals to reach for and a basis for you to measure your results. Don't be consumed by the need to get to the highest level as quickly as possible. Continue to enjoy the process and have fun, but use these movements as goals for you to reach in reasonable time frames.

Of course to pass the movements, we expect you to have the strength and the range of motion to complete the desired move. So for some it would mean an emphasis on increasing strength and for others it will mean paying attention to your mobility. This list will help show you what you need to work most on within the 10 components of fitness.


Understanding that some of you are already at the next level in your abilities, on Saturday 29th August, we will be providing an opportunity for all members to come in to the box and be tested in several areas of fitness and give you a chance to get to your next level without having to go through the whole list.

For those that aren't to bothered about the levels, this will give you a chance to be tested in your fitness and see how awesome you are at the moment. It will also give you a chance to identify some goals that you may want to set yourself.

More information on this day will be posted soon.