The new cycle consists of two 6 week cycles, the first based on 5 reps per set for maximal strength lifts (following on from the 8 reps in the hypertrophy cycle) and the second on 3 reps, with intensity increasing from 70-85% in the first cycle to 75-90% in the second.
Each week will contain:
2 Olympic lift days (power clean and power snatch) for power development (plus technique)
2 ‘max effort’ lift days (Squats/Deadlift and Strict Press/Close Grip Bench) for maximal strength development
1 Gymnastics skills day (kipping etc)
‘Max effort’ lift days will also include either a supplementary strength movement or a dynamic effort lift.
Supplementary lifts: Strict MU( Pull) with Strict Press and Ring Dips with Squats
Dynamic effort lift: Front Squat with Bench and Push Jerk with Deadlift. 
Each ‘max effort’ lift is programmed once in a 2 week cycle. Supplementary lifts will change in the second 6 week cycle. Dynamic lifts should be completed explosively in the concentric phase, i.e. fast!
Reps and Intensity
Each 6 week cycle will be split into three 2 week phases:
High volume
Reduced volume, increase intensity
Peak intensity
Basics of the programme are that you perform the given reps in each set for the given intensity (%), but the last set in each phase is a ‘Bonus Set’ done for maximum reps, e.g. Bench 5 x 5reps @ 70% + 1 x AMAP @ 70%. 
A bonus set should only be completed if you’re feeling very confident and if your working sets were completed smoothly with sound technique; a bonus set will not necessarily be done each session. 
Intensity wise, in the 1st phase you should leave 2-3 reps left in the tank per set, and 1-2 reps during the 2nd, including bonus sets. All reps should therefore be smooth with sound technique in the first 2 phases. Only the bonus set in the 3rd phase could be taken to failure.
‘Working Max’ 
Each lift should be based on a recent heavy rep completed with good form. Initially use the weight assumed during the hypertrophy cycle. If you’re hitting the intensity levels discussed above (reps in the tank) then stick with this weight. If you’re struggling then drop to 90% of your 1rm. Conversely, if you’re feeling stronger and you performed a bonus set at any point throughout the cycle you can readjust based off of that, using the following approximation:  
0.0333 x (Weight x Reps Performed) + Weight = Projected 1rm
E.g. if you completed 8 reps at 65kg in the bonus set then your new working max is:
0.0333 x (65 x 8) + 65 = 82kg  
This approximation can also be used to adjust down your working max if you’re struggling with form and reps.
Lots of detail, let me know if have any questions.