This weeks post is brought to you by the tight wearing legend, Coach Pedro:

The best thing about the Open and why I think everyone should do it.

This series of workouts is something that is talked and thought about all year long.

I'm sure anyone that has been doing crossfit for longer than year now knows what it feels to be part of the open and I bet it has been thinking for a few weeks now: What´s the next one going to be? Will there be burpees? Scaled or RX? 

The Open is something that is both terrifying and exciting no matter what level you are in, but the only thing I'm sure is that each week it brings boxes, gyms and athletes together - It happens every year at Bold too. It is very exciting to see many of Bold athletes participate in many of the different divisions of the open, people PB their best times in benchmark movements, weaknesses are exposed, learn something about ourselves and their fellow friends, in this case their fellow 'binners'.

I have competed in the Open for the last two years. I´ve watched every Open workout announcement every early Friday morning after it´s release because of the excitement and expectation it brings. It´s a great way for everyone to come together, to celebrate fitness and all the fitness achievements we have accumulated over the past months / year.

At Bold we provide everyone a chance to do the workouts in a very encouraging environment, while other binners judge and encourage, maybe even your family and friends may come to encourage too. It will bring US together. It changes the way we get along with each other, you´ll make new friendships, it will give you hope and will help set new goals.

Every year I hear people saying: "I'm not at that level yet" "It´s too hard" "I don´t want to be competing"…Well I wonder: Do you tell that yourself every day before a class? It´s just a workout right? Every one of you come in ready to crush it no matter how hard it will be!! Every single week!! And you keep coming for more! The Open workouts are just another workout as the ones you do in class, the only difference is this time we all take it as a test and you will prove to YOURSELF what you´re capable of, and challenge YOURSELF once more. It's a test, like a test was in School - remember that feeling? the hours before the exam? The expectation? The excitement? It´s the same, but this time you have EVERYONE supporting you and on your side....literally!!

Next time you ask yourself if you can do it…think twice! Crossfit is great because it´s universally scalable - everyone can do it. So please SIGN UP at:

It costs £13!!! You will be listed into a crossfit Bold leaderboard, you just need to give Marlo your result after doing it so that can be validated on the website and it will keep track of your performance, you can do your own leaderboards and see how do you compare to Rich Froning…or my favourite Brooke Ence! How cool is that? The only competition in the world that puts you toes to toes against the best in the world, even if it's for a laugh! 

I can't wait to see if I can beat Matt Clarkson at least in one workout this year!! (Game is on Matty!!)

Do it, you won´t regret it - You'll feel part of something huge that I particularly think it's the highlight of the year. The Crossfit Games are for the Elite, the Crossfit Open is for us!

This video was the first I watched when trying to know what the Open was about, so I think I should share it. Still gives me the goosebumps:

Have a great week!

Coach Pedro