Pizza is amazing. Usually my go to meal if I’m having an “off” night. The weapon of choice, a dominos stuff crust, bbq based, double chicken, bacon and onion pizza. Large! Around 2,500 calories of greatness.

But hardly the most healthiest thing to eat and its not likely to have much positive impact on my performance in the gym. 

Fortunately for me, Coach Dan is a wizard in the kitchen and he often bakes up his special protein pizza’s that he learnt whilst on a Protein Pow workshop. Guilt free, pizza joy! Heres how he does it:


1/2 cup liquid egg whites

1 tablespoon coconut flour

1/2 cup gluten-free oats

The low down:

1) Blend all the shiz together

2) Heat up a pan with some coconut oil

3) add the blended stuff in to the hot pan. spread it around a bit for a thin base or leave it a bit thicker for a thicker base.

4) Cook it on both sides. Just flip it when it bubbles slightly

5) Once the base is cooked. Add on some tomato paste, some cheese and whatever awesome pizza toppings you want to indulge in

6) Stick is under the grill for a bit to melt the cheese and make the crust a bit crustier. 

7) Remove it, slice it, take a photo Instagram it and then eat it. 

Another option to get your pizza fix is the protein pizza’s from MuscleFood. The mighty meaty one serves up a whopping 76g of protein and just 30g of carbs! And it actually tastes the balls, on top of that, its ready in just 8-10mins from the oven. 

If you’ve yet to visit MuscleFood, go have a look around. Quality, grass fed meats, guilt free pizzas, tasty protein breads, enough peanut butters to shake a stick at, and free chicken breasts on your first order by using my referral code: CS204712 ;)