It’s always good to see members arrive early for class, eager to become more awesome for the day and spend some time rolling out their sore muscles or mingling with other members, talking about how much muscle they’ve put on this week and how much respect they’ve gained in the office because they are so hench.

But it appears some folk turn up 10-15 minutes early for class and aren’t really sure what they should be doing. 

There is always something that you can do, so here are 3 things you can do before class, to become even more awesome:

Calib getting his hang on before a sesh

Check yo self (before you wreck yourself)

One of the biggest areas in which all of us can improve on is mobility. To keep injury free and to make the biggest strength gainz, you need to have great mobility.

It’s likely that in each session, you’ll spend at least some time mobilising. Whether that’s in the warm up doing some dynamic movements, after the warm up using bands and lacrosse balls, or maybe in-between sets on your lifts.

But the truth is, you need more.

The mobility work the coach will do with you in the session is a one stop shop for everyone in the class. It’s not individual to you. Only you know where your trouble areas are and the responsibility falls on you to spend time mobilising those areas.

So if the session you have signed up for includes squatting and you have poor ankle range or hip range. Spend time before the class mobbing your ankles or hips.

By walking in to the box 10 mins before class and sitting down on a box, you’re effectively saying you are in great condition and don’t need to prepare yourself for the class. Which is nonsense, you aren’t. Sorry.

It can be overwhelming on knowing where to start, so start with these MWOD videos:

Hip work: Clearing Up Hip Impingements and Open Up Your Hips And Squat

Ankle work: Professional Ballet Calfs And Ankles

Shoulder work: The Simple Five Way Shoulder

Look at the workout, pick your trouble area, go upstairs before (and after class) and mob the crap out of your tight muscles, joints and tendons.

Or if in doubt, spend 10 mins sitting in your squat.

Strengthen your Weakness

“I can’t do pull ups”… “I can’t do double-unders”. These are a couple of things that get thrown around the box when a WOD comes up and you need to scale. And there is nothing wrong with scaling. But if you are consistently having trouble with the same movements, perhaps it’s time you started to work on your weaknesses.

There are some excellent examples in the box of members that come in early for their class, go over in the corner of the gym and work on their pull ups, or double-unders or whatever area they feel they need to improve in. And its these guys that are going to progress much quicker on their weaknesses than those that simply come in and just, well, do nothing.

Over the course of the summer we will be looking more closely at teaching these skills and hopefully a lot of you will be hitting PBs all over the place. But just like mobility, there is always work you guys can put in outside of class.

If you’re having trouble with pulls ups, come and work on them (if space permits). Go through some negative pull ups (jumping up and lowering yourself down slowly and controlled) or some holds over the bar (aim to hold your chin over the bar for as long as you can in a 3-5 minute period).

Suns out, skipping ropes out. Grab your rope (you do have your own rope right?) and get outside, soak up the vitamin D and get practicing. We'll be looking at Double Unders this week in class, so soak up the knowledge gainz.

Make Friends

If you’re new to Bold or if you are a seasoned veteran, there is always some classes where you may not know everyone. So say hello, show them your biceps or talk about how paleo your food was today.

The reason why CrossFit is so great is because of the communities that are built within the boxes, that then expand outside of the gym. So take advantage of being in a place where there are so many cool people and get to know them.

You’ll enjoy CrossFit much more if you are training with a bunch of friends, instead of seeming like an individual in a group class.

If these 3 things aren't enough for you, and I see you sitting down before class looking bored, I’ll happily help you out and give you a set of burpees to complete ;)