Over the last 12 weeks, the programming has been heavily focused on skills, gymnastics and midline stability.

Getting you strong and trained in these areas has a cross over in to all the movements you do with CrossFit. i.e. When we taught you the push up, the mechanics looked remarkable similar to the close grip bench press we did, which looks like the ring dip, which translates over to the muscle up - magic!

Having 2 days a week dedicated to learning and applying various skills has paid dividends in your movement. Kipping is looking a lot more tidier, people are getting their first muscle ups and split jerks have been flying up. Good work all. 

As well as getting you all to move better, increasing your strength was also focused on over the past quarter. Combing the 5/3/1 approach to your weekly lifting routines along with heavier loads during MetCons allowed for a lot of weight to be shifted each week. 

Coupling this with new movement patterns, like the Sumo Deadlift and Zercher squat (when I close my eyes I can still here the moans of sore arms), allowed you to increase your strength in plenty of areas that would have beneficial transfer to other areas of life and training. 

the Future

After this week, my first 12 week cycle of programming comes to and end and we start a new chapter. 

Mainsite programming

The 1st week, next week, is going to be a bit different to usual, we are going to follow more of a style of programming. This will allow you to have a small rest from the usual routine of your lifts, gymnastic and MetCons and experience CrossFit in a more constantly varied approach. More details on this will be published on Friday with the programming. 

Lactic Threshold Training

After the week of Classic CrossFit, we will start the new phase. Shifting the attention away from skills and gymnastics (fear not, we will still have regular skill days to brush up on the skilled movements) and looking more towards improving your Lactic Threshold (check out next Mondays blog for a closer look at Lactic Threshold training, what its about and how it will benefit you).

Ultimately the goal for Lacitc Threshold Training is allowing you to go harder, for longer! *thats what she said*

Strength Training

Strength training will remain the same, rotating through variations of a squat, pull and press, and using the progressive loading patterns. However a small change to these days will be the addition of accessory movements after the main lift, i.e. a super set. 

An example of what you may see is:

A1) Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5
A2) Ring Rows 5 x 8

The way this would be performed is you would completed your first working set on your back squat and follow it up directly with 8 reps of ring rows, rest a couple minutes and then move on to your second set of squats and rows. 

The benefit to this is to build more volume in your training without the need of adding extra time to your sessions, but also, and mainly, to build the strength in your supportive muscles and tissues, which will help towards ironing out any imbalances and reduce the risk of injury. 

The days in which we do the strength days will vary too. No longer will these be restricted to Monday, Wednesday and Friday's, but a rotating pattern will commence, allowing you to attend a skill or strength day without missing your weightlifting or gymnastic classes.

Skills and Gymnastics

As previously mentioned, skill days and gymnastic focused days will still be a regular fixture. Which means more Gymnastic EMOMs, yay!