A common fault that athletes often have, and its something I've eluded to in my previous article "Navigating the Tunnel", is how they set them selfs up before they lift.

One of THE most important things you need to do before you attempt to load your body with weight, is to properly prepare it and get tight! Very tight. The tightness you create is needed to protect your spine. 

In the below video, Kelly Starrett (again) shows us how to set up properly for the back squat (the 2 squat squat principle), and the same principle applies to any lift from a rack. 

Before unloading from the rack, get tight, treat the unracking of the weight as a rep you are performing. The rack is there for you to set your position and get tight. 

Dont be that guy (or girl) that takes the weight from the rack, does a hundred steps, checks their shoe lace, has a chat and then prepares to lift...