I never leave home without mine. It literally comes everywhere with me. Whether i'm catching some tan gains in the park or traveling on a plane, my lacrosse ball is never to far away. Often behind my back or underneath my hamstring. Yep, i get the weirdest of looks from fellow flyers, but hey ho, I’m getting supple. 

One of the common conversations I have in the gym is:

“Chris, how can i improve my front rack/overhead/squat positions etc”

“You should spend some time each day mobilising”

“How can i do that?”

“Use your lacrosse ball at home each night and roll the area/around the area”

“I don’t have a lacrosse ball at home”

“Oh… buy one, in fact, buy 3”

Whats it do

The Lacrosse ball can be used for some myofascial release. The fascia is the layer of tissue in our body that sits between the layers of muscle and other connective tissues. Due to lack of movement/use these layers can get gummed up over time and can feel tight and painful, which then prevent you from hitting that sweet front rack position you dream of.

How to use them

Investing in a Lacrosse ball (or 3) is one of the best things you can do for your body. Its such an inexpensive piece of kit, but yet can be used in so many ways. Knowing where to start can be tricking though. So here are some helpful videos from K Star to get you started:

(For some of these mobs you require a "peanut", 2 lacrosse ball taped together (hence why you should have 3 lacrosse balls in your mobility arsenal))

Lower Back: The Ball And Your Back

Upper Back: Better Upper Back Extension

Shoulders: Pain Ball Calling Shoulders

Hamstring: Hammier your High Hamstring

Foot/Ankle: Travel your feet (notice what he says about the Lacrosse ball in the first 10 seconds of the video)

Forearm/Wrist: Wrist Mobility (great for those that have trouble with the wrist in the front rack)

All humans beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves
— Kelly Starrett - MWOD

Admittedly, its not sexy and fun, mobility work never is. But its the most essential component to your health and fitness. If you want the ability to function independently for years to come, avoid soft tissue injury and have full range of motion, then looking after your mobility is key, and the lacrosse ball makes it a little easier.

Where to get one

From CrossFit Bold, of course. We have your backs! 

1 ball for £5 or 3 for £12. Just ask one of the coaches.