The Rope Climb is an awesome fun movement and a great skill to be able complete. 

Due to the lack of ropes in the box, its hard to spend a lot of time teaching the movement, but you may have noticed that the rope climb is creeping its way in to our Gymnastic sessions and Cave sessions. Its also something to play around with in open gym as its a great way to build upper body strength which has great carry over to pull ups and muscle ups. 

There are a couple different ways you can attempt a rope climb. Whilst the legless rope climb comes down to purely upper body strength, using your legs (via the various different wrap techniques) makes the rope climb pretty simple, assuming you can get to grips with the methods.

Check out Carl Paolis progression videos for some tips and apply these to the ropes when you're next in the box.

He starts of with the Spanish wrap method (the one i'm pretty partial to using and coaching) and then he goes through the other method you see people use and then covers the legless method (its a 6 part series, 1-3 are below)

Good luck