If you've been attending my classes recently, you will notice that i'm fairly adamant in ensuring that every one in the class writes their scores on the Whiteboard. Whether its their heaviest lift on the strength piece of their time/score on the Metcon, I want it on the Whiteboard. So much so that i've even been doing it for you.

Whilst i'm aware that not everyone enjoys doing this, there are reasons why i'd like you guys to start recording your workouts on the Whiteboard:


The reason I love CrossFit so much is due to its non competitiveness, supportive, competitive nature. There is a friendly air of competition in CrossFit, friendly enough for even the less competitive people to enjoy. Its how CrossFit was born. Greg Glassman realised his clients were seeing better results when they trained with other people, as it would push them on more, motivated them to go that little bit harder.

Catalogue Nic. Photo by Joe

Catalogue Nic. Photo by Joe

The friendly rivalry can come in class, or it can come by looking at what others achieved in other classes. Someone who walks in for the 6pm class can look at the board and see what the beasts did in the 7am class, and it can motivate them to push harder when they are doing the WOD.

With just 30 seconds left on the clock, they know they are only 10 reps behind John Smith, and it will motivate them to push for those last few seconds.

Whilst I fully support that the only person you should be trying to beat is you, its always nice to beat your CrossFit rival too ;) 


You should be proud of what you did in class. Proud that you finished the WOD or lifted a bit more weight than last week.

It may have been the first time you RX'd a WOD, or you got your first pull up.

Celebrate that, and take pride in the numbers you put on the board. Even if you finished the WOD last, its still a victory in turning up and doing it.


The Whiteboard encourages you to be accountable for what you do in class. By putting your numbers on the board for all to see will have a strong physiological effect and help you improve. By knowing that people can see what you did in class it will push you on a little more to more out of what you are capable of.


Another reason why I want to see what you guys and girls are doing is so I can get a glimpse at how the programming is performing for you all.

By looking at the Whiteboard at the end of each day, I get an insight at how effective the programming is for you all and it allows me to highlight areas that may need special attention. 

If, for example, I program a WOD that should take 10 minutes and I see that its taking most of the Box 15 minutes, I can begin to think about adjusting the focus of your training to improve your work capacity.


Above I've listed some reasons why you should write your scores on the board, and as i've said, I understand why some don't like to. It can provoke fear, embarrassment and self-doubt. But don't forget the above points, try and see the positives in it and change your thinking. Celebrate what you do and be happy with your accomplishments, don't think negatively about it. Use the results on the Whiteboard to motivate you to push towards yours goals.

Whilst the board can be used to provide some friendly competition, remember that its all about what YOU do in the gym. Sure, check out someones score on the board and let it be a marker, but don't be a dick about it!

So, this week, be proud in what you do and get yours scores on the Whiteboard.