About CrossFit/elements Classes

The staple of our programme at CFB, CrossFit classes are our speciality! We have classes throughout the day, every day. Check our timetable for more information on class times and scheduling.

All classes are lead by an experienced coach and run for 1 hour. A typical session includes a warmup followed by some skill or strength work and a conditioning workout or 'met-con'.

NB: Before starting CrossFit or specialist classes all members must complete our Elements programme or must have completed 6 months or more training at another CrossFit gym.

Membership pricing is the same regardless of whether you are training in the main group or Elements, you just need to decide how many times per week you want to train and sign up accordingly. The first 15 sessions you book need to be Elements classes and after completing these you will be signed off and able to book any of the main CrossFit and specialist classes.

Cancelling classes - If you have booked a class via TeamUp and you need to cancel please give a minimum of 2 hours notice.  This will give TeamUp an opportunity to notify anyone on the wait list that a space has become available and give that person time to get to the gym.  Sessions cancelled with less than 2 hours notice (or after 10pm in the case of the 6&7am classes the following day) will result in that session being "lost".  

Specialist Classes

We offer special classes within our timetable. These are included within our standard memberships:

  • Weightlifting. We have multiple weightlifting classes on our weekly schedule. Our Sundays sessions are 90 minutes long and are run by British Weight Lifting weightlifting coach Rich Kite.
  • 'Cave'. Get to grips with atlas stones, flip tyres, swing hammers and more. This diverse class will test your strength
  • Gymnastics. Our gymnastics class focuses on developing upper body strength and control of ones own body.
  • Conditioning. Our conditioning classes are very popular. They run a few times per week and focus on improving cardiovascular performance, muscular endurance and stamina.
  • Mobility. Mobility plays a huge part in any strength and conditioning programme, so we have a dedicated weekly class on Wednesday evenings.