Q: How do I book in for an intro session?

A: Please contact us using the online enquiry form below to find out when the next intro session will be held

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Q: What will an intro session include?

A: This is a chance for you to meet the coaches, have a look around our facility and most importantly get a taster of what CF is all about. We’ll take you through some skill work and a short workout.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: We offer a 10% discount on monthly memberships for serving military, emergency services personnel and full time students.  Services included are; police, fire service and ambulance service.

Q: Who is the Elements course aimed at?

A: Everyone! If you have not done CrossFit before you will need to complete this course before moving onto the main membership. These classes on the technique required to complete our broad range of movements. 

Q: If I have previously trained at another CrossFit affiliate do I need to complete the Elements programme?

A: If you have trained at another affiliate for 6 months then you can go straight onto our main membership, however if our coaches feel that you need to do some more work on the basics then they will recommend that you join the Elements programme.  

If you have trained for less than 6 months, then our coaches will assess you to see whether you are up to speed and ready for the main group.

Q: Is there a certain level of fitness required to start CrossFit?

A: No! We can scale for all levels of fitness, the important thing is to get you moving in a motivating community environment.

However, do let us know if you are carrying an injury or have any particular mobility issues, or if you have any existing health issues.

Q: When do the Elements classes run?

A: You can find our full Elements timetable on our main calendar here: http://www.crossfit-bold.com/book-classes/

Q: Can I train on my own, or is it all coach lead?

A: For those on our main memberships, you will be also have access to our open gym sessions.

You must have completed our Elements programme or the equivalent at another CrossFit affiliate to attend these sessions. 

Q: Can I do a drop in session?

A: Drop ins are only available for visitors from other CrossFit boxes.  If you are visiting and would like to train with us then send an email to marlo@crossfitbold.com including info about which CrossFit Affiliate you train at and how long you have been crossfitting for.