Katie has always had a passion for sport, being active and in particular enjoying being part of a team. She started off her athletic career as a gymnast competing regionally until she was 13. She then spent the rest of her school days dedicating her time to rowing and playing netball, where she competed for both sports at national level until the age of 18.

To complement Katie’s love of all sport, she also had a keen interest in exploring the science behind sport. This led her to study a degree in Sports Science at Loughborough University. It was there, in the infamous ‘Power Base’ gym, when Katie first stepped onto a lifting platform, she found her passion for lifting. This developed further when she discovered CrossFit, thoroughly enjoying this new sport which enabled her to feel part of a community and be supported yet stretched every session.

She then went on to qualify as a PE teacher and completed her PGCE at Loughborough University enjoying the challenge of enthusing the young with her passion for sport and fitness. Katie is now a PE teacher at Wimbledon High School teaching sport and fitness to children ranging from 5 to 18 years of age. Katie has been a member of CrossFit Bold for just over a year now and will be joining our CrossFit kids coaching team.

BSc in Sports and Exercise Science – Loughborough University  

PGCE in Physical Education 

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Kids