Matt has always been interested in sport. Skiing since earlier than he can remember, his first passions were cross-country running and field hockey. Although a county cross country champion at an early age, running around fields became a lot less interesting once Matt found Rugby in his teenage years.

Starting out as an outside centre, Matt quickly transitioned to play as an open side flanker. The chance to tackle people all day was too tempting! Rugby, skiing and field hockey remained his main sports until Bath University where there wasn't enough time to continue with Rugby. Maybe it was the time constraints, or maybe that he's really short...

Matt found CrossFit in September 2013 and hasn't looked back. The combination of the lifting, aerobic and gymnastic domains really appealed to him. The trampolining he did to support his skiing tricks finally had another use, and the hours spent in the gym for Rugby paid off.

Matt competes regularly in competitions and enjoys making everyone perform a little bit better everyday.