From 1 April 2015 we will be introducing a system of membership contracts.  


The contracts will be introduced for new members and any of our current members who wish to sign one.


What are the contracts?

There will be two different types of contract - 6 months or 12 months in length. A 12-month contract will be cheaper than a 6-month contract. There will still be a non-contract, month-by-month, option but it will be more expensive.


As a current member do you need to sign a contract?

No.  Existing members will be allowed to continue on their current monthly membership for as long as they continuously hold a membership (subject to any future price changes).   In other words if you cancel your current membership and then rejoin you will have to either sign a contract or pay the more expensive monthly membership.


What price will the memberships be?

As a current member your membership will be the same. 


For new members, or for members leaving and rejoining, the prices will be as follows:-

Membership type

12 Month contract

2 times per week £115

3 times per week £140

4 times per week £154

Unlimited £168

6 month contract

2 times per week £121

3 times per week £146

4 times per week £161

Unlimited £175

13 sessions per month £146 (These 13 sessions can be used at anytime throughout the month)


2 times per week £127

3 times per week £155

4 times per week £170

Unlimited £185

13 sessions per month £155 (These 13 sessions can be used at anytime throughout the month)


PLEASE NOTE: Open gym sessions count as a session on the '13 sessions per month' options



Why as a current member would you want to sign a contract?


1. A 12-month contract will be the same price as your current membership.


2. Under a 12-month contract you will be entitled each year to 2 x 2 week membership HOLD.  This means that you can put your membership on hold for a 2-week period and you will not be charged for that 2-week period.  Effectively a 12-month contract will mean that you can take two 2 week holidays and not have to pay for your membership whilst you are away. If you use both your 2 week HOLDS the 12-month contract will in fact last 13 months (but you will only pay for 12). 

Under a 6 month contract you can take 1 x 2 week HOLD.

Note - 2 week HOLDS have to be taken in one go, ie you can not take 2 -1 week holds.


You have been a member, but are not currently, but intend to sign back up, what can you do?

If you reinstate your membership by 1 April 2015 we will treat you in the same way as if you are currently a member.  If you are currently not a paying member because you are injured and you have informed us of this, then when you return from injury we will reinstate your membership as if you were a current member.


What if you sign a contract and you get injured?

We hope this doesn't happen, but if it does we will freeze your membership until you are fit enough to return (i.e. if you have a 12 month contract and get injured after 6 months, we will freeze the contract at 6 months, when you return the contract will start again with 6 months left to run).  The minimum freeze period will be 1 month and will require a letter from your GP stating that you are unfit to train.


Why are we introducing contracts?

Running the gym is our passion, but it is also a business. Over the past year we have made very substantial investment into new kit and ensuring top quality coaching. We have considered the introduction of contracts several times and have put it off each time. Unfortunately it is now clear that there are a couple of pinch points each year where large numbers of members have cancelled their memberships for a month, normally to take a trip, and have then rejoined the next month, leading to months when the business takes in insufficient money to pay its outgoings.  The contracts will give us much more certainty in relation to our cash flow. In this regard we are no different from any other small business.