Pedro has been involved with sports from really early in his life - having started his sports career at a very young age in gymnastics on which he competed regionally in trampoline gymnastics from the age of 9, both in individual and team competitions. 

After Gymnastics Pedro played football for 7 years but that was cut short related to a serious medical issue and was advised from doctors to stay away from physical contact sports. 

After recovering from a brain surgery he couldn’t really find any sports to practice that he could feel passioned about so as like many others Pedro became that on/off globo gym guy for a long time. 

Already living in the UK, Pedro then decided to come to CrossFit Bold for an intro Session led by Nigel and H - it was the hardest short workout he had done for years (a feeling many new to Crossfit have). After taking two weeks to recover and to decide if he wanted to come back, Pedro decided to come back and do his Elements course. He says of it "I never looked back and fell in love with it".

A few words from Pedro:

"As cliché as it might sound, CrossFit did change my life for the better.

I’m particularly passioned about weightlifting but my dream would be to be as mobile as possible back to my gymnastics days.

I’m the Portuguese Bold resident.

I really believe that beards and tights makes people stronger.

I am also now very pleased that I’ve been given a chance to help others."

Pedro is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and frequently represents CrossFit Bold at national competitions.