Cousin Gary

Guys and girls, thanks for your patience with the site. I accidentally deleted all of the content from the old site and even the tekkies at Bluehost couldn't revive it so it's taken a while to rebuild. We're getting there though and I hope you like the changes. The goal is to make the site much more informative and useful to you guys, so we'll be using the blog to update you all with news and stuff happening at the gym. If we think of or find useful information floating around on the interweb, we'll repost it here, so everybody can get more brainer and that. We want a platform to be able to show you guys off to the world! We're super proud of what we do and the progress all of our members make so it's time to showcase that. The good work Shiggi (photos) and Caz & Paul (videos) means the site is going to be full of sexy shots of you all, so at least pretend to look like you're having fun! Oh, and check out below each blog post because we have a spangly new comments box which I'm going to pretend didn't take me 5 hours to install. So please, comment, tweet it, like it, hashtag it, poke it and all that other good stuff. Peace and love and enjoy the WOD!

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A) Find a 1rm Press in 10 minutes

B) 3 Rounds for time of:

10 Kettle Bell Push Press Right 24/16kg, 10 Kettle Bell Push Press Left 24/16kg, 20 Burpees.

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Paul, from Caz and Paul came in yesterday morning and shot this awesome video of the 6am workout. Check-a-check-it: