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If you need a pair of Oly shoes we keep hearing great things about Do-Wins, so we've teamed up with UK suppliers Do-wins are priced very well at £75 and everyone we've spoken that has a pair raves about them! If you're in the market for a pair of Oly shoes we'd really appreciate it if you could click on the image below as we get a small kick-back from 213kg if you decide to buy, which we can then invest in making CrossFit Bold more awesome-er!

A little bit more about Oly shoes and why you should be wearing them when you lift, from the 213kg website:


Weightlifters have realised that a shoe with a raised heel to allow the "flat footed" tilting of the shin was required for more balanced, consistent and heavier lifts. The raised heel facilitates the "flat footed" bending of the ankle joint and at the same time a fuller extension of the muscles of the leg, hips, pelvis and lower back for better technique. The weightlifter moves his feet apart and fully bends the knees, hips, and ankles to squat down to "receive" the bar at the chest for the clean or overhead for the snatch. Effective technique requires the forefoot to be flat on the floor in "deep split" and "deep squat" styles. The weightlifter can lose balance very easily if his/her heels rise from the floor in the deep squat position. A shoe with a raised heel allows the weightlifter to squat down with a vertical trunk, full extension at the knees and shins tilted forward.