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Hey folks! It's Tom here coming at you live from my kitchen table in Austin, Texas!

We've got more exciting things lined up for quarter 3 than JT has Kinder Bueno's stashed in his glove box. So it's worth reading on as all of this information is relevant to you maximising your time, effort and money spent with us at the gym.


First off, let me just say a very well done for your efforts over the last 12 weeks on our basic barbell strength programme. Please prep well for next Sunday's CFB Total event, take it easy Friday and Saturday in preparation to smash you old 1rm’s. JT has scaled back the programming for the last week so next week won’t be too stressful on the body and should stand you in good stead going into Sunday!

Reminder; we really, really want you to lift...

Even if you haven’t always been consistently training throughout the 12 weeks.

Even if you don’t feel like you’re stronger.

Even if you didn’t do the initial testing for the CF Total and so have nothing to compare it to.

Even if you’re injured and we have to work out an alternative total for you to accommodate.

No excuses. Just lift.


The CFB Totals will run from 10am - 2pm in 20 minute blocks. (We changed the time from 10-2).

5 athletes will go at one time.

Each heat will last 18 minutes with a 2 minute break between heats to reset each station.

Once you have lifted you will be expected to stay on the station to judge and spot the next athlete.

Please choose your heat time and station on this spreadsheet:

The famous Caveman Curry will be being served at £8 per plate so please add a * next to your name if you would like some so the guys know how much food to bring with them!

Familiarise yourself with the CrossFit Total standards here: [divider style="style4" width="full" align="left"]


We’re very excited about our plans moving forward into the next quarter at CFB. We have been thinking/discussing/refining our programme and have big things to announce! A lot of these things are interrelated so I want to give you a general focus point for the next 12 week period. Put simply, we want you to see significant improvement. This sounds broad and fairly vague but the point I want to convey is that the next quarter is about being better. It’s about being better than your previous self, it’s about you upgrading YOU. This next quarter we want to see you breaking into new areas of of your life in athletic, personal and professional arenas. It’s about breaking through self-limiting patterns of behaviour and redefining what is possible for you.

On Wednesday 3rd July we have the perfect opportunity for you to construct a strategic plan towards a more effective you. CJ Swaby of Inner Truth Coaching will be hosting goal setting workshop for you all to attend. The 2 hour seminar will run from 7-9pm will cost just £20 to attend - if I know CJ this seminar will be stellar, and will abundantly return your investment to you. You can (and should!) sign up here:


For a long time I’ve wanted to provide all of our members with a more personalised service with us. One thing we’re aware of is as the box continues to grow we want you guys to feel like you’re still getting value from us and not like you’re just being lost in the crowd. Therefore we’re going to subdivide the gym into ‘Clans’. Each of our coaches will be assigned as coach of their clan with roughly 20-25 members. We will be assigning you into you clans over the next week but basically what you’ll need to know is you clan coach will be your (as JT refers to it) welfare officer! This coach will be your first port of call for questions on training, nutrition, goal setting, and just generally your development during your time with us.

To commemorate the introduction of these subgroups we’re going to be holding an inter-clan competition at the end of September called Clash of The Clans! This will be an individual competition where you compete on behalf of your clan for ultimate glory as the sovereign clan!

We’re really fired up about the prospect of introducing this system to the gym as we’re expecting it to make a huge difference to the level of personalised service you’ll receive. More information coming on this next week!


The training focus for the next quarter is threefold, our priorities are:

1. Improved motor control and mobility. Developing good movement patterns and flexibility.

2. Developing areas of weakness. ‘Goat’ training and skill acquisition.

3. Training smart. Taking ownership for training at your own level.

[accordions] [accordion title="1. MOVEMENT SCREENING "] With the introduction of The Clans in place we’re moving forward aggressively with an important area of focus, movement and mobility screening. Kelly Starrett of mobility WOD fame refers to flexibility and it’s relationship to CrossFit’s 10 general physical skills as the one ‘skill to rule them all’. His Lord of The Rings metaphor suggests that flexibility is the one key skill that allows for best expression of all the others (power, strength, speed, stamina etc). We agree. Therefore we want it to be a priority for our members and we want to keep it in the forefront of your mind by revisiting it periodically... We have a very skilled team of sports massage therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and of course strength and conditioning coaches collaborating on our new movement screening programme.

The programme is due to start from the first of July with the idea being to revisit the ‘testing protocol’ every quarter. Again, we’ll be utilise the Clans as a means to organise you into time slots to do this, so every month 2 or 3 Clans will be designated times to be tested. We really wanted to be able to include this service as part of the CFB membership but it wasn’t realistic financially as hiring experts to do specific work isn’t cheap! We’ve tried to keep the cost down as much as possible, it’ll be just £25 for your 30 minute assessment session! The first 15 minutes will be spent being assessed then the second 15 minutes you will be assigned specific drills, skills and corrective exercises to help improve your movement capacity based on your weaknesses.

I just want to say a huge thank you to the screening team for getting so involved and devoting so much time to making sure this programme is as good as it can possibly be. Thank you: - James Dodd of Back2Back Osteopathy. - Charmaine Greiger of Charmaine Greiger Yoga,PT and Sports Massage - Karen Habershon of KH Chiropractic. - Nicky Best of Nicky Best Sports Massage. - James Tait of CrossFit Bold Director of Coaching fame. - Nicolas Unanue of France. - and of course Harri Bold for pulling the whole thing together.

Again, I'm very excited to see how this programme evolves over the coming months. [/accordion]

[accordion title="2. GOAT TRAINING & SKILL ACQUISITION (Click to read more)"] The second area of focus for us over the coming months is training weaknesses. This really ties back into the idea of breaking down false paradigms of what may or may not be possible for you as an athlete. As coaches we see this often in the gym. People define themselves based on what they can do. For instance, you might define yourself as a ‘blue band person’ when you do strict pullups. Of course, it’s fine to make a decision on what scaling options you are going to use but when you start attaching yourself to said options it can start become an insidious viewpoint that creeps into other areas of life.

The whole idea of quarter 3 is to develop the habit of pushing personal boundaries and stressing your comfort zone. Therefore, more time if going to be dedicated to personalised programmes. But what if you’re not sure what to work on? Well, aside from going to CJ’s seminar on the 3rd your newly assigned Clan coach will be available to assist you in developing programmes/structure to help you achieve your goat(s).

For now though, start thinking about what it is you’d like to improve. And make it SMART: - Specific - Measurable - Achievable - Realistic - Time framed

An personal example of a SMART goal for myself would be:

“To do 10 muscle ups in a row by September 30th 2013”.

It’s specific. Easy to measure. Achievable in that I’ve managed 9 before but never that damned 10th one!. Realistic in that I’m sure I could do it if I trained with focus. And time framed, i.e, by the 30th September.

What would you like to achieve?

[/accordion] [accordion title="3. TRAINING SMART & COMPETITORS PROGRAMMING (Click to read more)"] The last of the 3 prongs of focus for quarter 3 is being smart with training. In CrossFit we have found an incredibly potent fitness programme and when we start doing it we tend to jump both feet first. This is great and we definitely do not want to discourage you from getting after it and making inroads towards becoming a better athlete and ultimately a better you. But stay smart. This programme is awesome, don’t f*ck it up by getting overzealous with weights because you want to go RX’d. Train to your own capacity. Make the programme is specific to you. Is it hurting you to put weight overhead? Then stop, do some research and find an alternative. Speak to your clan coach and develop a strategy for overcoming the problem, that’s what we’re here for. We can point you in the right direction but you MUST take responsibility for your actions. Be and self reliant and savvy athlete and reap the benefits for years to come.

Finally, if you’re on the competitors programme JT and I will be programming specifically for you as it relates to the competitive CrossFit season with a goal of competing at The London Throwdown and at regionals next year. #teambold [/accordion] [/accordions]

That’s it from me folks, I’m off to practice what I’m preaching at our home gym here in Austin. I’m back on Monday and am looking forward to seeing you all! For now, I’ll leave you with Rogan...