European Inferno

9 Teams of 2 + 6 Supporters from Crossfit Bold headed to the NIAC in Cardiff last weekend for the European Inferno 2013 Competition. European Inferno is a unique and fun fitness event that gives athletes from all backgrounds an opportunity to be that person "in the arena". 1098298_10153064902975461_1967992424_n

Bundled with lots of neon, and nerves all teams tackled the first event, a test of 1RM Strict Press, and a 1RM Clean, heroically, coming away with new PBs, and a huge adrenaline rush! 'Women of Substance' made from Coach Marlo Kinnear and Claudia Clarkson (In2Crossfit Clapham) placed 8th putting them in a great position for the start of the competition, STRONG WOMEN!

The most sickening event, had to be the event 2 which was a You Go/I Go 8x150m shuttle run, with the majority of teams unable to speak for a good 2 hours as they re-hydrated and took in nourishment. However, we had two teams that did very well in this truly horrible event, and for their best placings of the weekend, 'Bold FC' made from Fran Jones, and Caity Hanniver were 10th, 'Carlovich Forbechov' made from Carl Halvorsen and Forbes Campbell had a 13th place finish.

In Heat 2, of Event 4 which was a couplet of partner carries, and kettlebell swings, saw 3 Crossfit Bold teams all take a tumble carrying their partners, an after effect of going too HAM! Carlforbescarry

Sunday saw a lot of stash being bought because everyone got soaked during their 800m run on the outside track in WOD 5, a 1500m Row/800m run workout. Then we all watched 'Women of Substance' solidify their spot in the final after a steller 2nd place finish in WOD 6. Marlo's speed on her box jumps is off the charts!

The final event was a grueling chipper, and we were all very proud as we watched Marlo & Claudia compete and screamed a ton as Marlo went sprinting past to finish. 1002879_10151514883991249_1593505492_n We certainly "left our mark" at the European Inferno, by wearing the most Neon, having the most wardrobe changes, bringing the most Tupperware and Paleo-nutritious food, giving it our all, and having the most fun. We definitely will be back next year, bigger, better and bolder!

European Inferno


Final Placings:

Womens teams (out of 66) Marlo Kinnear & Claudia Clarkson (Women of Substance) - 7th Fran Jones & Caity Hanniver (Bold FC) - 19th Sara Burton & Louise Coburn (Bold Neon) - 29th Hannah Ashworth & Charlotte Williams (Two Bold Chicks) - 47th Kate Broniszewska & Elisa Pettit (Power Puff Girls) - 51st Kelly Morrow & Victoria Kirby (Team Boldettes) - 63rd

Mens teams (out of 114) Carl Halvorsen & Forbes Campbell (Carlovich Forbechov) - 57th Chris Rollings & Ed Rollings (PerryWOD) - 75th Alex Kellaris & Billy (Box Eaters) - 86th