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We're ending this quarter with a bang! Another internal competition at CFB will see the gym's 'Clans' go toe-to-toe to win the newly coveted Clash of The Clans Cup! The event will be held at CrossFit Bold on Sunday 22nd of September and will mark the end of the 3rd quarter of 2013.

WOD's will be designed to accommodate all levels of fitness so there are no excuses for not signing up! The cost of entry is £15 and includes BBQ (beers are welcome as always but you'll need to bring your own).

For competitive athletes, performances in the Clash of The Clans events will serve as qualifiers for the Divided We Fall Team selection, so if you'd like to represent CFB at DWF, you'll need to make sure you're there.

Registration closes 15th September so sign up soon! (Clash of The Clans last option under fixed length at bottom of page)