A) Snatch 5x3-6,B) 2x2min planks, 45sec rest - Add a press up every 10sec if you can but only if you can keep plank form i.e. hips and shoulders level and do the press ups properly. Those that try it and mess it up tell them to just hold a plank. C) Work in groups of 3 and alternate between these exercises: - 20 Russian twists (10 each way), - 5 Back Squats 60/40kg with perfect form and 3 sec holds at the bottom (Pick a lighter or even heavier weight if too much), - 10 Burpees, One starts on R.Twists, One on Squats and One on burpees. When everyone has completed the exercise swap and continue on your new exercise. Back squats to be power cleaned and push pressed overhead. Work for 12mins