Main class:A) 4X6 Hang Snatch Pull superset with 5 Air squat to parallel, jump land and stick for 3 sec. B) Hand Stand practice for 10mins or: 4x4 military press superset with a 30sec hollow, C) In 5x2min back to back windows complete: - As many Air Squats as possible, - As many KB Swings as possible 24/16kg, - As many Burpees as possible, - As many Double unders as possible,

OLY: A) Snatch 3x3, 2x2, 3x1 (Up to 90%), Or OH Squats 5x5 Or Front squat 5x4 superset with Dumbbell RDL’s 5x6 B) EMOM for 6mins 6 Counter movement jumps, sticking landing