Crossfit:A) Handstand push-ups 3 x 5 ss Nordic hamstring curls 3 x 5 Rest 60s

B) Power cleans 3 x 5 Rest 90s

C) 4 rounds for time of: 12 hang power cleans 50/35kg 12 bar-jumping-burpees 12 pullups 12 push press 50/35kg

OLY: A) Teach Clean talk about relationship to Snatch, allow people to work on 5x2-4 Clean or Snatch discouraging those with poor overhead.

B) Split Jerks 4x2

C) 4x6 Wall ball Shots trying to catch MB as low in the squat as possible, hold at the bottom for 3sec, check mechanics each rep, should be stable and in good alignment!