Happy Friday yo. Its almost Feb, which is almost basically summer.


Not sure if ive mentioned recently, but the open is almost upon us. Be sure to register on the line and be part of this great community event. With the scaling options now, there really is no choice ;)


But before the Open, we have the Riot to deal with. So far take up has been awesome, with Bold having 20+ teams registered, whuut!!

The event is going to kick off at 9.30am at In2 Farnham (watch this space for details on getting down there) and will run to 17.30pm, when we will then go over to the local pub and show In2 what Bold is all about. 


Next weeks programming, a lot to get done. So be smart with your recovery. A few things you can do to perform better are listed here, right here.  Read, implement and enjoy the gainz.

Have a great weekend.


Workout of the Day:

A1) Overhead Squat: 5-5-5-5-5
B) 21-15-9

Overhead Lunge
Push Ups


Workout of the Day:

A) Toes To Bar Skills

B) In 12 Mins:

Max rep Toes to Bar
Run 200m
Max rep Ring Dips
Run 200m
Max rep Chin ups
Run 200m


Workout of the Day:

A) Complete 3 x max holds each of:

L Hang
Ring Dip Hold
Chin Over Bar

B) For 10 Mins, cycle through

6 DB Thrusters (3 sec pause overhead)
6 Kipping Chest to bar Pull Ups
20 Double Unders
6 Ring Rows

C) Open Workout 15.4 - in 8 mins…

3 handstand push-ups
3 cleans
6 handstand push-ups
3 cleans
9 handstand push-ups
3 cleans
12 handstand push-ups
6 cleans
15 handstand push-ups
6 cleans
18 handstand push-ups
6 cleans
21 handstand push-ups
9 cleans

Etc., adding 3 reps to the handstand push-up each round, and 3 reps to the clean every 3 rounds."

(82.5/55kg / 60/40kg / 45/32.5kg)


Workout of the Day:

A1) Split Jerks (2 sec pause): 2-2-2-2-2
A2) Push Ups: 5 x 8-12

B) In Pairs:

1 Person Rows whilst the other person completes:

Karen - 150 Wall Balls

and then…

Grace - 30 Clean and Jerks

(60/40kg / 50/35kg / 40/27.5kg)


Workout of the Day:

A) Power Cleans: 1-1-1-1-1

B) 11 Minute AMRAP

3 Muscle Ups
8 Front Squats
12 Over Bar Burpees

(60/40kg / 50/35kg / 40/27.5kg)


Workout of the Day:

In Teams of 3, all working at once, but only 1 person per movement:

120 Burpees
120 Air Squats
120 KB Swings
120 Wall Balls
120 Pull Ups/Ring Rows
3000m Row