4 sets of

Deadlift 8 reps

Rest 45s

10-15 push ups

Rest 90s



4 rounds


5 KB snatches (each arm)

10 alternating single arm swings

15 American swings

10 KB Taters

15 box jumps


The weight used will be limited by the KB snatch - go as heavy as you can but aiming to complete the snatches unbroken.




Back Squat

4x6 with a 2s pause at the bottom of the squat



For total reps:

EMOM 15 mins (3 rounds)

Min1 - Max air squats

Min2 - Max shuttle runs across the gym (rowers to pull up rig and back)

Min3 - Max burpees

Min4 - Rest




“12 days of Christmas”


1 Power snatch 40/30kg (scale to 1 DB snatch each arm)

2 Push press 40/30kg

3 Burpees

4 Pull ups

5 Toes to bar

6 Push ups

7 Air squats

8 Deadlift 70/40kg (one bar each just have plates ready to add)

9 box jumps

10 wall balls

11 KB swings 24/16kg

12 Thrusters 40/30kg


To clear up some confusion from earlier in the week, the order is the same as the song.  So you do one power snatch then 2 push press & 1 power snatch then 3 burpees & 2 push press & 1 power snatch etc..




Max effort turkey eating




25 min AMRAP

1 Plate of cheese & biscuits

1 Glass of port




For time


100m overhead plate carry 25/20kg

90 air squats

80 KB swings 24/16kg

70 sit ups

60 wall balls

50 double unders

40 thrusters 30/20kg

30 toes to bar

20 overhead squats 30/20kg  (scale to heavy goblet if necessary)

10 burpee box jump overs



"Lumberjack 20"


20 deadlifts 120/80kg

run 400m

20 KB swings 24/16kg

run 400m

20 Overhead squats 50/35kg

run 400m

20 burpees

run 400m

20 pull ups

run 400m

20 box jumps 24/20"

run 400m

20 DB squat cleans 20/15kg

run 400m