Hero WOD “Badger”


3 rounds for time:


30 Cleans 40/30kg

30 pull ups

800m run





For those who have yet to master kipping; 25 mins kipping instruction


Everyone else:


1) 10 Russian KB swings every 30s for 10 minutes 24/16kg


2) Rowing 30s sprint/30s active recovery for 10 minutes



Level 1

10 min AMRAP


3 burpees

6 toes to bar

9 wall balls 9/7kg


Level 2

10 min AMRAP


5 power cleans 70/45kg

7 burpees

21 double unders












2 x (1-10) push up ladder

1 push up, rest, 2 push ups, rest, 3 push ups, rest -------> 10 push ups



Level 1

Floor Press



Level 2

Ring push up supersets:

5 ring push ups with feet on 30” box

5 ring push ups with feet on 20” box

10 regular push ups


No rest between each movement, only rest after the 10 regular push ups - complete 5 sets


C) 12 min AMRAP


100m KB front rack carry (heavy as possible with good form)

30s plank left side

30s plank right side

15 DB thrusters 20/15kg






Sots Press 5x5


(If you have restricted mobility swap Sots Press for behind the neck snatch grip strict press)



1. 8 min AMRAP
Row 250m

100m overhead plate carry 25/15kg


2. 8 min AMRAP

200m run

12 box jumps

6 strict pull up



A) Barbell Complex


6 deadlifts

6 bent over rows

6 hang cleans

6 front squat

6 push press

6 back squats


Rest 2-3 mins

Repeat 4 times



7 min ladder



DB manmakers 20/15kg

Down ups















In groups of three:


400m sandbag carry as a team then complete the following in any order:


100 toes to bar/knees to elbows


100 box step ups holding a plate 20/15kg


200 jumping medball thrusters 9/7kg


200 double unders


300 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull 24/16kg


300 Russian twists (L&R=1) 9/7kg


To finish; 400m sandbag carry as a team


After the first 5 mins EMOM 2 down ups for the remaining time (unless you are on the final sandbag carry)