Bent over row

4 x 5



“Jones Crawl”


3 rounds

10 Deadlift @ 115% bodyweight

25 box jumps - with step down


Scaling notes

Bent over rows - make sure form takes priority, bar must contact the sternum on every rep with no “bouncing”.

Deadlifts - it goes without saying that there is no excuse for form on these too.  Work hard but do not risk injury by sacrificing technique and back position for speed.

Box jumps - step down for everyone and take care landing the first one after the deadlifts!





Push jerk

Technique practice then in a 12 min window build to a heavy single.



3 rounds

10 alternating pistol squats

10 shoulder to overhead

200m run


Scaling notes:

Push jerk - this is not a 1RM session, aim to build up gradually and do not miss a single lift.

Pistols - scale to a box/bench as necessary. L2/comp group add weight 12/8kg KB

STOH L1 50/35kg, L2 60/40kg, Comp 70/50kg





KB windmill

3 x 5 each arm



In pairs

Max distance farmers carry in 8 mins - go heavy and swap as necessary.



EMOM 10 mins

10 KB swings

5 down ups





3 x 10

hanging leg raises


3 x 10

abwheel roll outs





20 min AMRAP

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 air squats




“Heavy Cindy”

20 min AMRAP

5 weighted pull ups 15/10kg

10 push ups with feet on a box 30/24”

15 squats with a plate 20/15kg





Snatch technique then,


Build to a heavy weight (with perfect form) for the complex:

Power snatch

Hang power snatch

Overhead squat



8 min AMRAP

2 wall climbs

4 DB snatch (each arm)

16 double unders


Comp Group



5 sets

Tempo OHS

6-8 reps @ 43x1 tempo (4s lowering, 3s in the bottom, explode up, 1s at top before next rep)


Rest 30s


Good mornings 6-8 reps


Rest 30s


Push up position plank on rings 1 min


Rest 2 mins




#TAG Qualifier 2


Part A

In a 6 min window complete

150 double unders

30 pull ups

Then in remaining time max ring muscle ups


Rest 2 mins


Part B

Complete 1 clean every minute for 10 mins at a preselected weight.  Score = weight x successful lifts.  Weight may not be adjusted once you begin, only 1 lift per minute interval.




EMOM 12 mins (alternating)

6 reps CTB pull ups (add one rep each minute)

6 HSPU (add one rep each minute)


Then for time

3 rounds

8 thrusters (go heavy but at a weight which allows you to complete the reps unbroken)

8 bar facing burpees

40 double unders




In pairs in a 30 min window complete the following;


5 x 100m medball replay (each athlete completes 5 sprints, alternating with their partner, passing the ball at the start/finish line)



5 rounds

10 medball passing sit ups (10 reps each throwing the ball over a 20” box)

10 jumping medball thrusters (each YG/IG)

10 partner hopping burpees (5 each jumping your partner while they hold a plank position)

In remaining time AMRAP

5 box jump overs

10 KB swings 24/16kg

15 goblet squats


(partners swap after each complete round)