It’s almost time, time where Nigel lets go of the programming reins and hands them to me. Exciting!!

Once you all finish making your gainz on the current Wendler strength cycle and then spend a week retesting your new found strength, it’ll then be time for you to get a taste of what I have up my sleeves.

No doubt by now you’ve come to notice that I’m a stickler for good movement. I want you all to move well, with full range of movement (the range that you as an individual are capable of) and to perform the tasks with high quality and good mechanics.

For me, the time it takes to complete a WOD or the number of reps you got in that AMRAP always comes second to how well you moved whilst performing the WOD.

Be movement strong, not numbers strong
— Carl Paoli

When you move, are your shoulders and hips in a stable position, are you maintaining control over local segments of the spine or is your body in a compromised position (i.e. knees caving in on the squat)? Ultimately, are you moving safely so that you are going to avoid injury and maximise your returns?

These may not be things you are aware off. And of course, it’s the job of the coaches to ensure you are adequately informed and cued to ensure you are moving in a safe manner. “Chest up”, “knees out”… that’s us, as coaches, trying to get you in better, safer positions.

What to expect from my programming?

We will continue with 12 week cycles of training. At the end of the 12 weeks I will amend the programming, shifting the attention to other areas of your training that may require more focus.

To begin with, as you may have guessed from the above, I want to focus on better movement and give more time to coaching skills, and then teaching you how we can take them skills and transfer them (skill transfer) to other movements.

Coach Carl Paoli (From GymnasticsWOD) talks about this a lot, an example is in this video when he talks about how we can apply the skill from a burpee to a muscle up (2mins 40sec) - magic!


Therefore, over the first 12 weeks, we will be focusing 2 days a week to coaching skills. We will focus on gymnastic skills such as the kip, handstands, toes to bar, pistols etc, we will look at perfecting double unders, climbing ropes and other skills to make us all round bad ass’s. And we will teach you how to perform these skills with awesome movement, allowing you to utilise the gainz and smash WODs.

Following these skill sessions, we will have a longer/lighter WOD for you to sink your teeth in to. #nom

What about the Strength?

Oh don’t worry, we’ll still be working a lot of strength, especially over the summer when it’s even more important to look hench (or “toned”) in our swimming costumes. Suns out guns out, right!?

For the strength side of things we will be following a 3 week cycle, dedicating days to a squat, a press and a hinge/pulling movement.  After 3 weeks we change to a new movement variation: 

Week 1-3: Back Squat
Week 4-6: Front Squat
Week 7-10: Overhead Squat

The reps will vary each week between sets of 5, 3’s and 1. 

Week 1: 5 Sets of 5
Week 2: 5 Sets of 3
Week 3: 5 Sets of 1

Following the major lift, we will have a short/heaveeeeee met-con.

Put all this together, and we have a template that looks like this:

And that kids, is how the 12 weeks will look from the 29th June.

I always welcome your feedback, good and bad (bad feedback is punishable by burpees though!), so feel free to shoot me an email at any time –



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