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The Open and Programming

Hope you all had a good break and are ready to start preparing for the Open!

The Open 2017

For those who don’t live and breathe ‘The sport of fitness’, The Open is a yearly global online Crossfit competition run by Crossfit HQ over a 5 week period, usually around late Feb to end of March. The top performers progress to The Regionals and then on to The Crossfit Games over in the USA (where some even get guns!).

Back in the day, Crossfit Bold founder Tom Bold made the European Regionals in 2012.

For 5 consecutive weeks workouts are released early on a Friday morning and have to be completed by the following Monday evening.  As well as the ‘Individual’ division there are also ‘age group’ and ‘scaled’, all of which require a judge and a verified score. 

And he did it in Converse! 

The Open WODs will be programmed on a Saturday morning, those wanting to enter online and require their scores to be validated must complete each workout during these sessions.  It’s not only a good way to check your progress and gain a taste of competitive Crossfit, but also provides a training focus and another reason for a social!

Q1 2017 Programming

The next quarter’s programming will be split into pre Open (8 wks) and Open periods (5 wks). During The Open things will be scaled down mid week so that you’re fresh for saturday morning. 

Pre Open there will be two main focuses; developing power and consistency. 

Power is the ability to move loads quickly and requires a combination of strength and speed. Any workout scored by reps or time generally require power, pure strength tests are rarely programmed. To develop power we will be following a 6 week power cycle, plus a testing/intro week, and a re-test and deload week prior to the first Open WOD. The cycle will contain both strength (squats & press) plus plyometrics (jumps and hops) for speed. 

Most strength and power programmes assumes each lift is completed 2 or 3 times a week, with 2 to 3 days recovery between, not 2 to 3 days of Crossfit! In the program we will be following, each lift is completed twice a week, one heavy day and one medium to light day. So as not to over train and allow recovery but also complete each lift, the medium/light lift day will be incorporated into a metcon (conditioning) rather than a strength piece, for example, week 1’s programming includes heavy squats monday with medium/light squats in the metcon on Thursday. 

Consistency is the key to performing well in Crossfit; consistently moving efficiently and maintaining a consistent pace. Moving efficiently is about applying the skills you’ve learnt to prolong output, and pacing is about not going into the ‘red’ and having to stop to recover. To develop consistency we will be hitting individual gymnastic movements and lifts under moderate intensity so that movements can be drilled in, and a variety of metcons to hone your pacing tactics.

As usual, attend consistently, focus on quality, rest, then go for it in the Open!

Good luck.