CrossFit Bold

Get Your CrossFit Shoes Ready

Anyone Can Make You Sweat. CrossFit Can Make You Better.

Established in 2017 CrossFit Bold is a world-beating CrossFit center based in the city of Manchester.  At CrossFit Bold, you will get the best in coaching and in an atmosphere that is designed to ensure you can reach your real potential and achieve those personal objectives.

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Here there are absolutely no gimmicks, no free make up sets, no fancy bags or modern CrossFit shoes.  There are no TVs on the wall, no mirrors, and no cable machines. We only care about getting the very best benefits from CrossFit for members.  Here, you will lift weights, push, run, pull, climb, row, swing and skip, while using a bunch of different equipment in an unlimited number of combinations to get real fitness.  You will become a stronger, faster and healthier version of yourself.  We don’t need machines as you are the machine!


We live the lifestyle we advocate others; there is no board of management or finance company in the background; the gym is owned and operated by serious CrossFit athletes.  When it comes to the benefits of CrossFit vs weight training, we only believe in the real CrossFit methodology, there is no team of salespeople and no small print. Only genuine results! You will be coached by us and many times train alongside us. We have lived and breathed CrossFit for nearly 2 years here at CFB and we will welcome you to join us.

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We have a hugely experienced coaching team, who between them have a wealth of sporting experience and academic knowledge; from competing at an international level to conducting experiments in human performance labs, we pride ourselves on members continued development and are passionate about helping others improve.

We are a community, not just a gym. You will be welcomed into an eclectic band of like-minded and determined individuals who will support and encourage you on your CrossFit Journey.