Thank you again to everyone that made it down this past weekend and celebrated with us at the Anniversary Games. We hope you had a fab time, we did! 

If you haven't done so already, be sure to check out the snaps that Joe kindly took for us: Anniversary Games Album

With the Anniversary Games now over, here is what you have to look forward to next:


When: August 9th
What: Get suited and armed guys and girls. Its time we take on another London Box and Throwdown. This time against CrossFit London in a day of partner wods. So find a partner, select your category and let us know by filling out thisBox Battles Register (if you haven't got a partner, add your name to the sheet and your desired category and we can match people up)
Where: CrossFit Bold, boom.
Anything else: Full details can be found here


When: August 1st and 2nd (Box Rocks) and August 21st to 23rd (Tribal Clash)
What: Bold have a total of 3 teams competing over these weekends and it would be totes amaze to have some of that legendary Bold cheer squad there. If you fancy a weekend away and watching the Bold teams get down, grab yourself a spectator ticket and join the funsies.
Where: Box Rocks - CrossFit 1664, Aldershot / Tribal Clash - Blackpool Sands, Devon
Anything else: Yep, there sure is. We also have a Bold Teams at the European Inferno (8-9 August). 


When: August 23rd
What: Bro's, WODs and beers
Where: The Bro Cave 
Anything else: Food and beers after in the sun.


When: August 30th
What: A chance for the girls to get away from the testosterone. 
Where: CrossFit Bold
Anything else: NO BOYS!