Ask yourself a question, why did you start exercising? What was your number one driver and goal that got you to sign up. Im sure most people will answer, if being honest, to look better naked.

Sure, some may have sport specific goals in mind, some health issues, but the majority of us CrossFit, so we can look better naked. Thats why I do it, and so I can eat cake and feel less guilty about it :)

Due to the nature of CrossFit, it can be very easy to get caught up in the competitive side of things. And with that, it appears that some people forget why they started CrossFitting to begin with.

The whiteboard can be a great tool, as i have previously wrote about. But for some it can become a hindrance to their goals. In an effort to chase for the best time, the most reps or the biggest weight, its easy to forgo form, to do half reps and to even lie about how many reps/rounds you completed.

And by doing this, you are cheating. Sure you are cheating those around you that put in the work to complete the WOD as prescribed (with full range of motion and the desired number of reps) but ultimately you are cheating your body out of achieving the goals you set yourself at the start.

Im sure no one signs up for CrossFit and sets themselves a goal of "im going to be the best person in this gym" or at least, the perceived best athlete. But quiet often, there is a tendency to rain supreme amongst your peers and to cut corners in doing so.

Ultimately, no one cares if you have a 3 minute Fran. Its even less impressive if you did half reps on your Thrusters or a rep scheme of 18-12-7 but told everyone you RX'd it. It may look good on the whiteboard, but thats about it, the whiteboard gets erased each night.

The lasting results is the change that occurs with your body. By look (looking better naked) and by feel (better mobility, better lung capacity, more energetic etc). And at that end of the day, isn't that the most important thing? To work hard and to achieve that change. To increase muscle mass, lower body fat and give yourself more energy.

So when you're working out next time, have a think to yourself when doing a WOD. Is what i'm doing the best thing for me to achieve my goals? Will my body benefit more if I go full range on my Wall Balls, or if i finish the WOD 20 seconds faster but with half the range of movement? Am i really pushing myself to my limit or am I going too light so I can get a faster time?

Follow the program, as prescribed, to YOUR best effort, and the results will come. And most of all, have fun!

If you are confused about your goals and how best to achieve them, feel free to arrange some time with me and we can have a chat about things.