Mobility Mobility Mobility... another article on Mobility.

This one is about when you should be doing certain mobility drills and then you shouldn't.

Pre Workout

If you have time, get to the gym around 10-20 mins before your class and grap an area to mobilise. 

What you should be focusing on is general movement patterns of what you will be doing in the session.

The key word here is MOVEMENT. Get off your arse and move. Sitting on the boxes or laying down on a foam roller is not the best way to prep your body for whats about to go down in class.

If the session involves squats, do some kind of squatting, air squats, with a band, against a wall... the options are endless.

If its a shoulder movement and you have stiff shoulders, grab a PVC pipe and do 100 muscle snatches snatching or some active hanging etc.

Use banded distraction Mobs to reset the joints. You can also you voodoo floss band on joints too, ensure you are continuously moving with the mob and not staying static.

If needed, jump on a ball for a couple minutes, but this isn't really the best time for it.

Post Workout

Post workout is a good time to hit up some static stretches to help introduce some new end range positions to your muscles. 

If you have a floss band, using this post workout is cool and using sliding surface techniques post workout will have good benefits.


Away from the workout window

This is a really good time to go after the soft tissue work with the lacrosse ball, foam roller, someone's foot, kitchen roller, tin of paint.. etc and really work on any issues you have with range of motion in any area or soreness.