As you would have seen from the latest Newsletter by Marlo, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to have a personal coach, someone you can discuss, on a regular basis, with about your goals and results.

Personal goals

Each one of you attend CrossFit Bold for your own reasons. For some, you want to compete, for others, your goals may be more body composition related (ie to lose body fat, or increase muscle mass) and for some, you just want to get fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 

Knowing what your goals are is obviously important, and having them property organised and set out is key.

Are they SMART goals?

To say "I want to be able to squat heavy" is an open ended goal, and doesn't really provide any specifics to what you really want to achieve.

Restructuring that to "I want to increase my back squat from 90kg to 110kg for 3 reps by the end of the year" is an example of a SMART goal.

With this structured goal, we as coaches are able to help put you on a path to achieving your goals.

Some of you may not have any particular goals, and may be confused about what you should be focusing on, if anything. With so many movements in CrossFit to master, it can be pretty daunting to know what to focus your attention on. Using the Levels list is a good place to start, where are your weaknesses? 

Having a plan

Having goals is awesome, but how are you going to achieve them? Do you have a plan in place that is going to get you to where you want to be? 

Is what you doing really the best thing for you to achieve them goals? Or would you benefit from attending more specialty classes, dialling in to your nutrition better, resting more etc?

There are numerous factors that can be tweaked to help you get what you want out of our workouts and lifestyle. 

regular meetings

What Stuart and I would like to do, is give you all a chance to come sit down with us for 15 minutes or so every quarter and have a chat about what it is you want out of CrossFit, and how we can help you.

By giving us an insight in to your goals, it will allow us to help guide you in classes as to what you can do to best achieve your goals in the workouts or in open gym time.

Having something scheduled may also make you more accountable for your goals and drive you in to achieving them.

Sign up

If this sounds like something you want to get involved with, then drop Marlo or I an email, with a short sentence about your goals. 

Based on your goals, training times etc, you will then receive an email from either me or Stuart offering a chance to arrange some time together.

Both of us are partial to paleo treats and coffee #justsaying