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Programming for Week starting 14th April




A) Back Squat 4x8 

Rest 90s 


B) Widowmaker - 20 reps back squat 

Aim for 85-90% of the weight used in part A 

Athlete may rest standing with the bar on the shoulders 


C) 3 rounds for time: 


20 wallballs 9/7kg 

20 KB swings (American) 24/16kg 

20 burpees 




A) Every 90s x 6 

1 strict press 

2 push press 

3 push jerk 


(warm up to a heavy single strict press - aiming to complete the complex at approx. 90% 1RM 

strict press) 


B) 10 min AMRAP 

10 Shoulder to overhead 50/35kg 

30 double unders 

100m run 





A) Deadlift 



B) 3-6-9-12-15-12-9-6-3 

KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull 32/24kg 

Burpees to plate 15/10kg 

100m run between rounds 


20min cut off 




A) Bench Press 4x8 

Set of max effort strict pull ups between each working set 

Rest 90s 


B) 5 rounds 1 min on 30s off 

5 push ups 

5 down ups 

5 burpee box jumps 


Pick up where you left off after each rest period 





Every 90s x 6 


Level 1 

3 hang power snatch 


Level 2 

1 hang power snatch 

1 overhead squat 

1 snatch 


B) 4 Rounds 


200m run 

4 DB snatch left arm 20/15kg 

4 DB snatch right arm 20/15kg 

4 wall climbers 




In teams of 3 complete the following in any order: 


3000m row 

100 pull ups 

150 box jumps 

200 down ups 

250 sit ups 

300 KB swings 

350 DB push press 15/10kg 


To finish: 

400m sandbag carry 

Bag can be carried between members of the team.