In the CrossFit Journal article issue 56 Understanding CrossFit, Greg Glassman (CEO and Founder of CrossFit) proposes that 'intensity is defined exactly as power, and intensity is the independent variable most commonly associated with maximizing favorable adaptation to exercise'. However, the understanding of when to go hard seems to have been lost in translation. The 'no pain, no gain' culture amongst CrossFitters worldwide is arguably the number one reason for injuries in our programme. Injuries that could and should be prevented.

If you drive at full speed all the time, eventually you are going to crash! Which is both expensive and painful. Your body is no different, if you do everything at 100mph, sooner or later, something's going to give. Leaving you with costly rehab bills and worse, a broken body.

Look, I'm not saying don't train hard. But choose your moments so you get the most out of it. If you're torn up and beaten down from yesterdays WOD, go slower today. If the kids kept you up late and you haven't eaten all day, it might not be the best time to try and PB on Fran!

Having said that, if the lights are green and you feel great, go for it! See what you've got in the locker. Just know it's OK not to PB in every session. It's OK not to win every workout. It's OK if you don't go RX'd. See what I'm getting at?

CrossFit is hard. Really hard. Don't make it harder by continually trashing your nervous system and breaking your body down. If you're constantly in a state of fatigue and repair, your results will materialise at a slower rate, leaving you frustrated and sore!

Now... Go forth a train at a moderate to high intensity, depending on how you're feeling. ;-)