A) 5x1 clean Pull and x2 RDL’S (DO IT TWICE),B) Try and Complete in 10mins (The honesty and Integrity window) - A 2 min Double Under test first, - 2 mins of 20 sec On 10sec Off (4 TABATA ROUNDS), Hold in the bottom of a squat (Make an effort!) - 4 Rounds of 10 Burpees and a 30sec Plank (Can’t move on to next set of burpees until plank is complete, coaches will penalise shit planks with extra 10 sec holds), - A 400m Run, Score is total double unders, time or how far you got through the work.

OLY CLUB: A) 5x2-4 1 Clean Pull, 1 Hang Clean, 1 Split Jerk Or Push Press instead of Jerk for more control or Just Clean if you don’t want to go Overhead. B) 4x5 Box Jumps, superset with 4x6 Dumbbell Split Jerks. for form, increase height only if you can keep form (this is an exercise in triple ext no max height BJ’s and 3 Dumbbell Split jerks on each side for form, leave dumbbells on shoulders if not going overhead.