Workout of the Day:
A) N+3,N+3,N+3

B) AMRAP 2mins on/2mins off for 5 rounds:
3 Hang Cleans (60/42.5 50/35 40/30kg)
6 Shoulder to Overhead
9 Front Squats
Score is Burpees Total Reps

C) Accumulate 30 Ab roll outs

Workout of the Day:
A) 15Mins build to a heavy 3RM Dead lift"

B) In pairs, alternate rounds and complete 7 rounds each of:
5 Deadlifts (65-70% of A)
5 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

D) Shoulder Heath
2 rounds: 4 movements 15secs on/5secs off
Breast stroke
Front crawl

Workout of the Day:
A) N+4,N+3,N+3

B) 15 mins to build to a heavy double Split Jerk (from rack)
For Time 21-15-9
Thrusters (50/35 40/30 30/20kg)

C) 4X5 V Strict Toes to Bar
Scale to lines on floor, wall, ceiling...
Controlled no lats

Workout of the Day:
A) Front Pause Squats 3x8 Reps, 
2 sec pause at bottom

B) Complete AMRAP in 12 min:
40 Double unders
20 KB Snatches (24/16 20/12 16/8)
20 Alt. Goblet lunges
(Snatches 10/arm any way)

C) Tabata Alt
Hollow Hold
Arch Hold

Workout of the Day:
A) N+4,N+4,N+3

B) 10min Alt. EMOM x 5 sets of each:
1) 5 Push Press (heavy without grinding reps out)
2) 8-10 Pendlay Rows

C) Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
10 DB Renegade Rows (20/12.5 15/10 10/7.5kg)
20 Box Jumps
Run 200 Meters

D) Couch Stretch
2 position, 60 secs each position

Workout of the Day:
In Teams of 3 complete in 30mins:

5km Row, plus:

30 Pull-ups
30 Goblet Squats (24/16)
30 Press-ups
30 Box Jumps

Score is total rounds/reps minus any uncompleted meters on the rower


A) In Pairs 30secs on 30secs off 4 Rounds
- Ball Slams
- Med ball DB bench
- 2xKB DL (heavy)
- Battle Ropes
- KB Cluster

Stagger rest/work if more than 10 

B) 3 rounds
100m Farmers carry
200m Run

Weekly Conditioning:
On A Running Clock Complete:

Run 600 Meters
Push-Ups x Max Reps

4-8 Rest

8-12mins AMRAP:
10 Box Jumps
10 Pull-Ups

12-16 Rest 

16-20mins AMRAP: 
10 Burpees
10 Thrusters (40/30kg)

20-24 Rest 

24-28Mins AMRAP: 
30 Double-Unders
15 Push Press (40/30kg)

28-32 Rest

1km Run (gym to old gym, then to gate and back, twice)



A) 30secs on 30 secs off, 3 rounds ME:
Wall Balls
Box Jumps
Double Unders

Rest 4mins

B) 5 mins AMRAP
5 T2B
10 Goblet Squats (20/16)
15 KB Swings

Rest 4mins

C) 5 mins AMRAP
2 Wall Climbs
200m Run

Rest 4mins

D)Teams of 3, 3 Rounds each of:
200m Row
(2 people working at a time)

Comp Group

Halloween - No Comp Group