Next week is the start of the build you ass squat cycle. Warning, new jeans may need to be purchased in 12 weeks time. 

I've been asked some very good questions this last week, so thought i'd share them along with my answers to help clear anything up:

Which Squat Programme should I do?

As per my programming update article, the 2 programmes are designed for 2 different types of athletes, those that have been lifting for a long time and those that haven't. 

Using the Athlete Levels is a good way to determine what your current fitness level is. If you have demonstrated your ability to perform all the requirements to pass to a Level 2 or 3 standard, then choosing the Level 2/3 squat cycle should be a safe bet.

If you are still working on ticking your level 1 requirements off, particularly the strength aspects, the Level 1 squat programme will provide you with the work needed to make good gainz to build your strength.

Training Age

Another way to look at it is by looking at your "Training Age". This is the number of years you have been training for, irrelevant to how old you actually are. This can then be further broken down in to 3 dimensions:

  1. Sport specific - How long have you been competing in your sport
  2. General training - How long have you been training (lifting, conditioning)
  3. Lifestyle – General measure of how active you have been

So if you've been squatting (with weight) for a good number of years (2-3 years+) and following a progressive squat cycle (i.e you are adding load over this time), then choosing the Level 2/3 squat cycle may be for you.

If you are relatively new (1-2 years or less) to training, particularly lifting weights, then you will progress much better under the Level 1 squat cycle.

I feel I am in between, Can i mix the cycles or start heavier?

Nope, pick a program and follow it!

Results will come by following one program as it was intended to be followed. Don't change it. 

But it looks to be to light to start with

Strength programmes get heavy quickly, if you start too heavy you will burn out and wont be able to finish the program, thus losing out on all the gainz.

Its always better to start lighter on a program than to collapse under the bar half way through.

Im already doing a strength program outside of CrossFit, shall I do both?

Nope, pick a program and follow it!

Mixing two strength programs will cause you to burn out, over train and not be able to recover, and then you will not benefit from either program. 

If you are hitting the weights outside of CrossFit, you can focus your time in CrossFit on developing your skills and conditioning.


Workout of the Day:

A) Back Squat:

Level 1

1 x 10 @ 60%
1 x 10 @ 65%
1 x 10 @ 70%

Level 2 / Level 3

7-10 x 3 @ 75% 1RM

B) 4 Rounds for Quality:

10 Pull Ups
16 Goblet Lunges


Workout of the Day:

A) Deadlift: 5 x 5 @ 70%

B) 3 Rounds

10 Box Jumps
20 DB Snatches


Workout of the Day:

A) For 10 mins, cycle through

10 Bar Dips
10 Ring Rows
5 KB Thruster w/ 2 second pause overhead
5/5 Pistol Squats

B) Complete:

50 Pull Ups
100 Push Ups
200 Air Squats

Resting every even minute


Workout of the Day:

A) Front Squat:

Level 1

1 x 5 @ 60%
1 x 5 @ 65%
1 x 5 @ 70%

Level 2 / Level 3

7-10 x 3 @ 80%

B) 4 rounds each: 20 Secs on / 30 secs off (rest 2 mins between movements)

Max Toes To Bar
Max KB Swings
Max Push Ups


Workout of the Day:

A) Skill: Kipping

B) 6 Rounds for time:

300m Run
8 Push Jerks (60/40kg / 50/35kg / 40/27.5kg)
5 Pull ups


Workout of the Day:

30 Mins to complete:

1 mile run

And then AMRAP:

20 KB Swings
30 Box jump overs 24/20″
40 Burpees
50 Wall Balls 9/6kg
60 Walking Lunges