Happy Friday, unfortunately its not Halloween again. Last Friday night was a hella lot of fun. Thanks to all those that came down and got involved with the dressing up funsies.

Ninja Stu

Ninja Stu

Programming below for next week and we have the clean. No hang, no power, just a straight up clean. Read Mondays article if that makes no sense to you :) 

Next week see's an increase in heavy load being moved in the MetCons, so rest and recovery is important this week to ensure you dont burn out. Throwback to an old article - Train Smart, Recover Smarter

Lifestyle challenge kicks off tomorrow, great to see so many people signed up and raring to go. Keep your head in the game for 3 weeks and watch the results come flooding in. Can't wait to see all the progress over the next 21 days.


Workout of the Day:

A) Squat Clean: 3-3-3-2-2-1

B) 4 rounds: 2 mins on / 1 mins off

8 Deadlifts
8 Front Squats
8 Push Ups

(60/40kg / 50/35kg / 35/25kg)


Workout of the Day:

A) Overhead Party:

Start with a loaded bar @ 60% Press 1RM

Each minute perform one rep and increase load by 2.5kg

Continue this until you can no longer strict press, and then start to push press until you can no longer complete the rep, and then push jerk

b) In pairs, in 15 mins accumulate max distance row


Workout of the Day:

A) For 12 mins, cycle through

2 muscle ups
4/4 pistols
20 Double Unders
10 deficit Press Ups

B) 10 - 1 / 1-10

Power Cleans / Front rack Lunges

i.e. 10 power cleans, 1 lunge.. 9 power cleans, 2 lunges etc

(60/40kg / 50/35kg / 35/25kg)


Workout of the Day:

A1) Bench Press: 3-3-3-3-3
A2) Chin ups: 5 x 8-12

B) 12 EMOM - 2 Thrusters


Workout of the Day:

A) Deadlift: Spend 20 mins to establish a new 1RM

B) 7 Rounds, 60 secs on / 45 off


5 Burpees
10 Wall Balls
15 KB Swings


Workout of the Day:

Team WOD, in teams of 2:

500m Partner Carry
60 Syncronished Burpees
60 Syncronished Air Squats
60 Box Jumps, I go-you go
60 Syncronished DB Thrusters
500m Partner Carry